Monday, December 13, 2010

a Little Blog Post on a Monday Night . . .

Tonight as I write I am watching Sunday evening's Sarah Palin's Alaska. Kate Gosselin  and her children were going camping with Sarah. I am curious to see what happens on this adventure.
 Camping with bears. Kate seems to get into quite a whiney state . . . I am curious to see how Sarah will handle the situation . . . I know I would probably lose it with her whining. We shall see.

This evening I tried to finish up all of our Christmas shopping. I am finished with the exception of two people . . . Randy's Mom and Dad. I was hoping he would come up with a few ideas for me.

I also was able to get all of the gifts purchased for a special family. I am feeling a bit shopped out. Now to wait for the packages to arrive, get them wrapped and delivered to our special delivery person.

The temps remain frigid in our little area. Tonight is supposed to dip down to a low of 3 degrees. Right now the temperature is 5 but it feels like MINUS 6. Snuggle in everyone!!! I am warm as I write with my laptop on my lap! I guess the laptop has some extra perks in the winter!

Katelyn's pies were a BIG hit at school today. Everyone loved her pie crust!!! I tease her about food being the road to a man's heart! I have to tell you, that girl KNOWS how to cook and bake. Tonight she made chicken Parmesan for dinner. I didn't have to cook! Love that girl!

Ryan was home today from school . . . he had a tummy ache. So, I let him stay home . . . by afternoon he was running around like nothing was wrong. Guess who is going to school tomorrow?

Christmas parties are Friday for my kids . . . I need to start getting together the teacher gifts - I have them already purchased . . . just have to get them in gift bags and labeled. Same for the kids' gift exchange. I really would like to see the kids exchange books or something similar rather than toys. We have not had good experiences with toys as gifts at school.

Tonight I ordered more Bison to put in our freezer. We LOVE Bison and it is ultra good for us to eat! I purchase only organic Bison that is grass fed. The first time we ate it, I didn't tell my husband the meat was Bison  . . . he really liked it and couldn't believe he was actually eating Buffalo. If you have never tried it, I highly recommend it. Great for the crock pot/slow cooker.

The Angels of Heaven were on each corner of my crossover this morning . . . I cannot believe that within the course of three blocks I was almost creamed twice. Praise God for His protection. First, a woman blew past me in the turn lane . . . I was turning on my blinker and getting ready to pull into the turn lane and this lady blew past me . . . I was just getting to the part of the road that was the turn lane . . . the lady that blew past me actually wasn't in the "turn lane" when she passed me . . . it was the solid line for no passing/turning. The second "close call" was just a few blocks later. I was going between 20 and 25 mph when a snow plow blew through a side street stop sign . . . I hit my brakes and of course, the road was slick and I turned my car as far to the right as I could. The snow plow guy hit his brakes too . . . if he hadn't, my crossover would have been totaled as he would have creamed me. Crossover VERSES snowplow . . . . wouldn't have been pretty! Thank you Precious Lord!

The house is quiet . . . with the exception of the television show I am watching. 
It is lovely, cozy and quiet.

I will probably be up all night . . . I drank too many cups of coffee! Is there a chance of that?

G'night all!


heartsfulloflove said...

All thanks to you, I have done more online shopping than ever this year =). No crowds and good deals too. I have a suggesstion or two for them: anything for the kitchen as all of their stuff is quite antiquated withe exception of cofee maker and toaster oven and the majors.

Marva said...

Glad we all are safe and warm! :) Very glad you are safe and sound! Where do you order your bison from? Also, I was wondering do you eat all organic meats on a regualr basis for your diet? Blessings!

Jeanette said...

I am making a personalized calendar for Bill's mom - maybe you could do the same for his folks?? Just a thought!

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