Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Today, the last Tuesday BEFORE Christmas . . .

and ME deciding a Walmart run is needed.




So, I have Cody and Ryan load up in my car and Katelyn had Cameron and EJ load up in her car and off we went. She had a few stops to make and I had ONE . . . it took me FOREVER!

Once at Walmart I was very surprised to find a parking place that wasn't 900 miles from the door. We arrived inside and I took a cart, then Ryan asked if he should get a cart . . . yes, you better get one too. Of course, Cody decided he needed one as well to which I told him that he did not. There were some people sitting on a bench watching the entire circus and smiling. I asked them if that area of the store was the "kid sitting" area. They smiled and said "SURE, we will take him!" To which I replied . . . I am quite certain that you would return him withing a minute or two back to me!!! lol

Anyway, off we went  . . . list in hand. We hadn't gone far when SLAM and OUCH was heard . . . Ryan had slammed the cart into the back of my ankle. I asked him to be more careful and he assured me that he would. Well, THREE more times (yes I guess I am a slow learner) my poor heel was subjected to a child that really shouldn't have been pushing the cart for me. When I turned to him and he saw the hurt and irritation on my face he decided to keep the cart back about ONE CART length from the back of my feet. Whew!!! Praise the Lord!

We headed over to the toy area . . . now it is one thing to go to Walmart just a few days before Christmas and it is quite another to go to the TOY Department of Walmart a few days before Christmas. YIKES! It was like taking your own life into your hands! CRAZINESS!!! Well, they didn't have the one item I was looking for that DIDN'T come in for the little girl I was purchasing it for and I ordered it December 13 or 14.  Yes, I am disgusted. Anyway, we did find a few items for the little girl, even though it wasn't what I wanted. I was a bit bummed!

After two completely full carts and $600.00 PLUS, we were finished with our shopping and loaded the bags into my car. Katelyn took Cody and went to their hair appointment as Ryan and I headed to wash my car and then head home to unload our groceries.

I am really tired and my body HURTS!!! Too much day!

Would you believe I had a little old lady stop me in the Walmart parking lot today and ask me WHY Walmart was so busy!!! Well, for one thing Christmas is coming and the second we are to get quite a snow beginning Thursday night. The lady stopped for a second and asked me what day Christmas was. At first I thought she was simply joking with me . . . however, she didn't smile and repeated her question. I smiled and answered, "Um, well it is Saturday." She smiled back and said, "Well I guess I got a few more days!" Bless her heart!

I just had my cell phone ring with a number on it from INDIA. Needless to say, I didn't answer it!

Here are a few pictures . . . 

Ryan was my little helper today and is sportin' a new haircut:

My Youngest, CODY lost his first tooth today . . . he is ONLY four (Plus he got his hair cut too):

These two just finished with their baths and the other two are still upstairs finishing up. So I guess I will have to wait to get photos of their new hair cuts.

Well, I am ready to chill out for the night.

Have a great night and stay safe!!!

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