Thursday, December 9, 2010

It is ONLY 7:04 p.m. . . .
the day has been EXTREMELY long for me,
how about you?


Lately it seems that all I do is go, go and go.
It was nice to be home today.

My day was filled with taking the kids to school and picking Cody up from Preschool.

Drinking coffee - x two cups.

Talked to my Mom as I enjoyed one cup of coffee!
Love our Talks Mom!!!

I wrapped gifts for a couple of special kiddos and I also assembled one of the toys. I am still waiting for ONE toy to arrive so I can wrap it and then they can be delivered to them.

Made our Oberweis Dairy order.

Shopped on Alice for stock up items for the pantry.

Gave the computer a really good tune up . . . love AVG.

Put extra shoes, sandals, crocks, etc. into new cabinets in the garage. We are so organized in the garage no one will believe it unless they see it! lol Looks and feels GREAT to have it done.

Of course, there is the usual laundry to take care of . . . a never ending job, but I love, love, love the smell of clean clothes.

Installed two new lightbulbs in the garage . . . it is so much better to have all three bulbs lit instead of just one!

One of the 1/2 bathrooms has been cleaned.

Dishwasher emptied and refilled.

I really didn't feel like I got much done, but after listing what I did . . . I guess I was wrong! lol

Here is a picture of Emma. I took it this morning just after I pulled out of the garage. I looked back and there she was sitting in one of the booster seats in the back seat. She cracked me up!!!

We are getting a bit of sleet or icy stuff outside. It is a little bit slick outside. I am waiting to hear if we are going to actually get the big winter storm the weather guys are talking about.

Just a few updates and/or answers from previous questions pertaining to my recent posts . . .

The Maid Note on the back door . . . it didn't do much good on day one, however today the boys came in the door and took care of things right away. I was a bit impressed, not to mention happy!

The garbage job that night was EJ's and Cameron was to Vacuum. Cody was to have put away his toys and Ryan was to put away all of the toys and other stuff I had rescued from under the sectional and then clean up his room. Many hands make the chores much lighter is what I always remind them.

Our family has enjoyed Monical's Pizza twice this week. They absolutely love the pizza and I eat the salad . . . yum!

The boys received a little note from Aunt Ding Ding . . . She is amazing and I think every family should have a Ding Ding . . . A Grandma Chickie and Crappaw Buzzard too!!! Anway . . .

The letter was encouraging the boys to obey their mommy (me) the first time and to help out with the chores as they are asked. Ding Ding challenged them to have on their listening ears! If not, Ding Ding is going to talk to Santa and you know what that means.

So, I read it to all four boys. Their reactions were:


Cameron: He thought that it was a good idea for Ding Ding to tell Santa if he was disobeying. (I certainly didn't see THAT answer coming!)

EJ said, "It will be sad if we don't get any toys at Christmas!"

Cody said, "that is NOT a good thing!"

I asked them if it would be a good thing to listen and do what they are told  . . . EJ, Ryan and Cameron all said "yes" however Cody didn't stick around long enough to answer me after he said, "that is NOT a good thing!" I think he might have even been a little put off! lol

With that, I am going to close for the evening.

Have a great night everyone!

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