Friday, December 3, 2010


Where has this week gone? Woo Wee . . . it seems to have FLOWN by!

This evening I took the boys ALL to see Santa and Mrs. Claus.

We didn't have to wait forever AND Santa was INCREDIBLE! (Mrs. Claus too!)

I wasn't able to get many photos of the boys at first because when I arrived with the boys to see Santa . . . this crazy woman found out that I forgot the memory card for the camera . . . it was at home in my computer! Duh, JuJu!!!

Anyway, a family friend was there with her kids too so she snapped a few pictures of the kids for me! Thanks Lynn!!! The pictures are great!

Cody's FIRST visit EVER with Santa!

Cody with Mrs. Claus

Ryan, Santa and Mrs. Claus
Mrs. Claus . . . isn't she GORGEOUS?

Santa gave Ryan his "heart" of Candy canes.

Santa had all of the boys "pretend" to take Santa's Bag!

It was hysterical!

the boys thought it was pretty funny! Love EJ's Grin!

Santa really played it up!!! Cameron was in there too but got behind Ryan

The boys LOVED seeing Santa!

The horse and carriage.

The Santa House

After the Santa visit, we drove to Hallmark to return a Hot Potato "Rudolph" because after only two days, it stopped working. I had the receipt and handed over the reindeer to the lady and explained that it had stopped working. She gave me a look and then proceeded to tell my boys that they need to take it easy with Rudolph that he isn't made of "steel"! Well, the toy was just that, a toy. In fact, it was a game intended to be thrown back and forth and dropped on the floor I am certain you have played it . . . Hot Potato. Anyway, a bit reluctantly she started processing the return. I had a few forms to sign and provide my name and address and then she had a bit to do on her end. I took the boys and walked through the store having them with me all the way. They found some Joe Cool Snoopy dogs and a new ornament for the trees in their bedrooms. We went back to the checkout counter and waited for her to ring things up (which seemed to take forever) We only had a card for Santa, three joe cool dogs, another small snoopy and six ornaments. The boys were excited and wiggly. Two of them decided to run into one of the aisles and I directed them to come back to me when all of a sudden the clerk YELLS . . . "BOYS STOP RUNNING!!!" Everyone in the store was silent. I am quite certain my mouth fell open. My children were most certainly not deserving of being yelled at in front of everyone. I pulled them to my side and told them they needed to apologize to the Clerk. They both did. The clerk looked at them with disgust and turned her head. I told them again to apologize. They did but the clerk would not look at them. The third time I told them to apologize to Clerk Karen AND ask her to forgive them. She stopped what she was doing and responded by saying "Yes" to their question of forgiveness and then said, "When you come back in here you are NEVER to run. There are too many breakable things and besides it isn't quite a while until Christmas." I am not certain what that had to do with the price of beans, but said nothing to her and we turned and went out the door. I was totally shocked. I have seen children act much, much worse in a store and NEVER have I heard them be yelled at by a store clerk. I have to add . . . one of the clerks was an older woman and she was watching the boys with a big smile on her face Before the Clerk yelled at them.
Apparently the Clerk didn't get the memo that she should have JOY at Christmas!!!

Now for a few more Christmas Decorating Photos:

a Pottery Barn tree and decorations

love the little bird

and the bird ornaments

a Lego Holiday Scene

a Frank Lloyd Wright design in Legos . . .

This week has been an extremely busy one and I am exhausted!

G'night all!


Mimi said...

Grumpy people are fun-stealers! I was in a hotel gift shop at Easter and the manager told me that they were thinking about banning children from the gift shop because there were just too many and they were too much trouble. I asked the manager who did he think I was spending $70 on at Easter in their gift shop? My kids of course! If they were banned, then, no sale and no more visits to that hotel.The manager thought about it for a minute and apologized and said maybe that was not a good idea and that he was just having a bad week. Some people are just too grumpy and need to start feeling emotions again. I hope that God will find a way to soften the clerk's heart that yelled at your boys. Happy holidays!

Marva said...

Julie......I would have had to say something to that clerk! I am sure you did the right thing, cause I would have had my ugly Mommy to come out! LOL Love the decorations! Hugs!

heartsfulloflove said...

The pics w/Santa are great and cute too! Did you all ride in the carriage? That's horrible of the clerk to be so mean!

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