Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 was a COLD one for us . . . Right now the temp is 27 degrees but it feels like 19 degrees. By 4:00 a.m. the temperature is to drop to 21 degrees but with the wind chill it will feel like 9 degrees. To say it is COLD is an understatement!!! I am so Thankful for a warm and cozy home!

We were all so grateful to be with family again this year. When I think about family members, I often times sit back and reflect on life with each of my family members. Each one is special in his/her own way.

Our Thanksgiving tradition has been to travel over the river and through the woods to Aunt Janeie's house we go  . . .

O.k. a little confession here: we didn't have to travel over the river, but I am certain that between where she lives and where we live there were woods there at one time!!!

Here are a few of our animated photos of Thanksgiving . . .

Randy, Ryan, Alyson and Mia

My Dad making goofy for the camera!

Mom (right) and Aunt Barb (left) preparing lunch.

Aunt Barb would absolutely have a fit if she knew I was posting this! She didn't want her picture taken and was letting me know that she wasn't pleased.

Mom was getting the food on the table.

This is Katelyn (pink shirt), my sister Janeie (brown shirt) and niece Kendra (gray shirt).

My girl . . . almost grown  . . . Katelyn.

Kendra is working her way to being grown up too! She didn't want her picture taken either.

This is Aunt Doris . . . I caught her off guard when I snapped her picture.

This is my six year old EJ - poor lil' guy has no upper front teeth! He is eating SEVERAL desserts.

This is another niece - Jenna . . . my Mom and Sister Janeie are in the background.

This is Jenna's twin sister Alyson . . . my other niece. She was really into her dessert.

Another picture of Jenna . . . Alyson's twin.

My eight year old . . . Ryan. He is enjoying his many desserts as well.

This is my sister's family dog . . . Lucy. She is a FREAK!

I thought this picture of Kendra was fun. She was looking through the patio doors when Katelyn snapped this picture.

Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without a performance from Alyson and Jenna.
They are VERY animated. Hmmmm Wonder where that comes from???? lol

Couldn't be from Grandpa??? Naaaaaaaaaaa!!! Lol

Or their Daddy!!!

The Man and His DOG! She LOVES him!
(my brother in law Eric)

Then there is my seven year old son Cameron. I think this boy thoroughly enjoyed eating his way through the day! For some reason, I didn't get any photos of Cameron or Cody at Janeie's house. Guess that was because they ran off to play every chance they got.

The meal was lovely and I am certain everyone got their fill .  .  . if not a little more than their fill. We all had a wonderful time . . . Thank you again Janeie and Eric, Kendra, Alyson and Jenna.

Once home, we curled up to watch a movie . . . A Christmas Carol with Jim Carey. It was a good movie and just as it was ending, Randy declared it to be dinner time. So, he took care of heating up leftovers for himself and the kids while I started up some laundry and conquered the ironing. I ironed NINE little boy dress shirts although their should have been TWELVE. I guess the other three were in a different load of wash and I will get to those tomorrow.

Before this weekend is done, I have a few things on my TO DO list . . .

Take a photo of the kids for our Annual Christmas Card Photo

Order our Annual Christmas Card Photo through Shutterfly

Watch Christmas Shows with the kids.

Take a long walk on my treadmill each day.

Head to Hallmark for a few things I have on my list.

Sleep In

I don't think that list is too bad!

I guess all in all I want to spend SPECIAL time with my family!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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Jeanette said...

Thanks for the pics! It made me feel like we were there! Love you all and please warm it up for us before we touch down in Peoria at 4:45pm.:)

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