Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rain, Hail and Double Rainbows

November 4th . . . . doesn't seem possible to be in November already. Today looked like a normal November day . . . windy, heavy dark clouds and cool temps. Tonight the temps are to drop once again. Rain is falling now with bits of hail and wind . . . CRAZY weather!

A Few pictures Katelyn took last night and tonight:

Beautiful Sunset!

Our Gorgeous Japanese Maple!

Double Rainbow

Randy's Dad had surgery yesterday to remove a tumor from his stomach. Unfortunately, after only an hour of surgery, they decided to close him back up and leave the tumor be. Apparently, the tumor was about the size of an orange and had attached to his intestines. The doctor informed the family that he had to make some choices during surgery and the best choice he could make was to simply leave the tumor right where it was to avoid cutting any major blood supply to the intestines. The biopsy and urine tests came back that the tumor was benign, but the doctor is waiting to see what the actual tumor dissection shows them. The doc was able to take out a small piece to have it tested. Today Paul was in a lot of pain from the surgery. No word on what steps will be taken next to help him. Praise God he made it through the surgery AND the tests so far have resulted in benign diagnoses.

I was able to get a few things done today . . .

I cleaned our second 1/2 bath on the main floor. I really don't know what those boys do in there, but I can say IT WAS GROSS!!! From what I hear, as they get older it doesn't get any better!

Katelyn got her school pictures in the other day . . .

That's My Girl!

As I write, Katelyn is playing the piano. She has really excelled at her piano playing in the past two years . . . it really helps that she loves it! I really enjoy listening to her!

I began my Christmas shopping the other day . . . I have ONE child done out of FIVE. All of the school teachers gifts are purchased as are the sharing gifts for the boys' classes. I do feel a bit ahead . . . at least for the time being!

This afternoon I listened to "Tea with Michelle Duggar" on DVD and I absolutely loved it. Michelle is such a Woman after God's own heart and is simply amazing to listen to. Michelle seems to have it all together, but I am sure that she has her moments just like everyone else! Praise God for a Godly woman as a Role Model for each of us with children!!!

I should close for now . . . my griddle is calling my name, so I should go and scour it.

Have a great evening!


Jeanette said...

Kate's pictures are GREAT! I love the ones she took too :}

Marva said...

Praying for Randy's Dad. The pics are beautiful of Katelyn and the ones that she took!

I have much of my Christmas shopping done as well.

I have started making mixes, if you need anything just let me know.


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