Sunday, November 14, 2010


I want to THANK Everyone for their sweet comments about MY QUIRKINESS!

You made me smile, giggle and feel LOVED!

Jeanette, NO NEED for Stacey and Clinton's telephone number . . . simply shred it! lol


Tonight our temps are to drop into the mid 30's. Although it is mid November, I am still of the opinion that it is TOO early for the cold! I really prefer the temps resume the 60 - 70 degree range and stay there.

As I write, the day is coming to an end . . . for which I am quite relieved, it has been an extremely busy day. I am sure you are all itching to know what made our day so "extremely busy", so I will share a day in our home with you.

A Day in Our Home

Coffee was #1 on my agenda this morning and boy was it good!

After I psyched myself up, I took a little walk to the laundry room. I was certainly glad I chose to drink a cup of coffee AND psych myself up BEFORE I saw what the children that live in my house did to it! As I am sure you can imagine, FOUR little boys can definitely wreak havoc on a laundry room. We had dirty clothing EVERYWHERE, except where it was supposed to be. Upon taking a deep breath I jumped in with all I had to begin the sorting process. Holy Moly was there a lot of laundry! Don't you just hate it when you decide to wash all of the bed quilts, blankets etc?
Finally, with EJ's help the laundry was all sorted and the first loads were chugging away in the washers.

Main Floor bathrooms were next on my TO DO list for the day. I cleaned one of the 1/2 baths while Katelyn cleaned the other. I was pleased they were all so shiny and clean!

Don't you just love a sparkly clean bathroom?

I DO! Especially in my house with FOUR little "men" that have terrible . . . hmmm, maybe I should just let you imagine what I was going to say next. Let's just say, be careful where you sit!

On to our Library. The little people that live in my house think they live in a home where a Librarian tends to all of the books, Dvds, games, etc. that they use and then throw onto the counters, shelving, behind my favorite comfy chair, under the ottoman or simply on the floor. Needless to say, I spent a great deal of time making sure DVDs were in their correct case and put away where said DVDs belonged. REMEMBER, I am Quirky that way!

Then it happened . . .

I came upon a camcorder that we had not used in about four years. It was stored away and I happened to run across it today. I decided . . . Hey, this might be fun! I plugged the unit into the power and began searching for past recordings.


M. E. M. O. R. I. E. S.

Oh My Goodness, there were videos of our youngest as a baby and of course the other kids too. It seems like so long ago, but was simply only four years ago.

I plugged the unit into the television and then called everyone to the family room.

I had EVERYONE'S attention.

We all sat for over an hour watching "OLD" home movies of the kids from four years ago. I thought the kids were never going to stop laughing. They were ALL so itty bitty and cute! As we watched, we were reminded of Christmas 2006 and the TON of toys under the tree. As we watched the video we were reminded of how unsure our littlest boys were of everything. Ryan was really INTO the presents and went from one gift to the next. Cameron was VERY quiet during the present opening and studied what was going on. EJ was VERY concerned about all of the wrapping paper on the floor and took time to pick up every last little bit. Cody was a baby and preferred to try to eat the wrapping paper and bows instead of "checking out" his new toys. Katelyn giggled and rolled her eyes . . . nothing has changed there!!! lol Everyone had a WONDERFUL Christmas and the video is PRICELESS!

Once the video was done, we went back to house chores.

Before long, it was dinner time so . . .

I ordered up Pizza for delivery. Papa John's is a favorite and so THREE large pizzas were ordered up with EVERYONE's favorites on one of the three. Needless to say there were some left overs and the boys are having pizza in their lunches tomorrow ~~~ there weren't any complaints about that!

After dinner and bath time, the boys sat down to watch Shrek 2.

I continued on with the laundry, loaded up the dishwasher and refereed a few times.

We had a small injury while taking out the garbage. The child that was injured apparently didn't remember to wear his shoes to put the garbage out and stepped on something that went into the bottom of his foot. Dr. Mom to the rescue. Within minutes, the black thingy that was in the foot was out, the wound was treated a bandage with antibiotic ointment was applied and the tears were gone. It was then that it happened . . .

I was told . . . "Thanks Mommy, you are a COOL Mom!"

Now I have to say, THAT MADE MY DAY!

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