Wednesday, November 24, 2010


The dark has fallen once again . . . the day light is very short now. Christmas music is playing and Katelyn is making pies (whipped cream, pudding, graham cracker crust). Of course, along with making is tasting!!! Honestly, she had already made the pies and was just scrapping the bowl!

 Randy and Cody are laying down after a long day . . . even Daddy knows when a child is very disagreeable a nap is in order. Ryan is cleaning up wax . . . he was messing around with my scentsy candle and knocked the top wax bowl and wax onto the floor. Of course, there was wax and broken pieces EVERYWHERE and quite a story from my eight year old son. Somehow . . . Mama knew that he wasn't quite telling the truth.

This was where the learning began and it went a little something like this:

Son, I know what you told me about how all of this happened . . . however, there is no way possible all of the wax AND the wax bowl flew off of the counter and landed on the step stool and floor. Ryan looked at me in disbelief as if to say, "How did you know?" Mother's intuition is a wonderfully blessed tool God gave Moms.

I have had quite a few opportunities to use that special Mother's intuition with my boys . . . and they can't quite understand how I know the things I know. Can you see this Momma smiling?

Needless to say, Ryan was the job recipient position to clean up the candle wax mess . . . after the broken pieces were disposed of. He was not very happy, but hopefully he has learned a valuable lesson.

Here is my not so happy Ryan as he cleans off the blue wax from the step stool:

Mother's intuition didn't help me solve this one though. There is a mystery in our home . . .

Who put the cheerio in Mom's water?

Who unplugged our new miniature Christmas Tree in our library?

Of course, NOT ME did it again.

I certainly wish NOT ME would stop the shenanigans!

The past few days we have been putting out little Christmas decorations out . . .

A few of my favorite Christmas time scents from Yankee Candle on Pier One candlesticks.

Loving the Little Night Before Christmas Mice!

True to form . . . those little mice are everywhere!

Small little Christmas Scenes from Hallmark

A little bit larger television scene.
(they both are musical and animated)

 Christmas Geese - from my Mom and Dad a few years ago.

The morning after Thanksgiving . . . our little Elf Max will make his appearance. He will hide in various places throughout the house for the kids to find each morning. The kids love, love, love him. Pictures to come!

This evening our weather is a bit nasty . . . plenty of rain and cold. The temperature is 37 degrees, but with the windchill it feels like 27 degrees. Tomorrow night we are to have a low of 19 degrees.

Woo Wee it is a mite chilly out there!

My goal???

Stay in where it is warm.

Have a cup or two of hot orange spice herbal tea.

Cozy up with a good book or maybe a movie.

Later tonight when I have a bit of peace I will hit the treadmill while I watch a little I LOVE LUCY.

In the morning I will make homemade macaroni and cheese to take to Thanksgiving lunch at my sister Janeie's house. We will have a super duper GREAT time, I am sure!!!

What are you doing this Thanksgiving?


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heartsfulloflove said...

Cute decs!! I'm gonna lick the bowl next time...she is one amazing pie maker just liker her mama!!!!
Happy to be home out of the cold & rain.
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Love you all and thank God for you!!!

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