Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Catch Up

And the rains came tumbling down . . . that was sure the theme for late this afternoon and evening in my lil' area of the world. Winds and rain . . . even a tornado watch. Rather strange for this time in November.

Today was the last of the eye appointments until next year. I am glad to have those finished. Two boys are getting glasses . . . three out of four of my boys will now be wearing glasses. Cameron, EJ and Cody will all be sporting Nike eye wear. Cody is a bit upset tonight . . . the eye doctor dilated his eyes so they could get the correct reading on him . . . now he can't see the little eyes, noses and mouths on the Lego people. He told me they are broke and don't have faces. It makes me really sad that he is so upset. I did try to explain to him "why" he can't see them. He seemed to understand, but was still all poochie lipped because he cannot see the faces. It doesn't help that he is VERY tired and simply won't give up and go to sleep! The glasses should be in for them in a week or two.

Laundry is just about caught up . . . a few loads tomorrow and it will be completed until bath time.

Tonight I took some time for ME . . . I put a movie in the DVD player and walked for 30 minutes on the treadmill. The treadmill has a program that speeds it up, slows it down, inclines, etc. I couldn't believe my 30 minutes was up when the treadmill shut off. I guess I was really intrigued with the movie.

I have a question for anyone out there that has double pierced ears. Have you ever left your top earrings out for a long time and find they are trying to close when you try to put earrings in? I had my ears double pierced about three years ago and never had any trouble with them until recently. I tried to put my earrings in and they were almost closed up . . . now they are red and irritated. I am using a bit of tea tree gel on the earrings and in the holes to help them clear up. Ouch they sure do hurt!

Well, the house is quieting down and I am ready for a little relaxation before bed.

Have a great sleep!


Marva said...

Ah, poor Cody! Bless his heart. Hopefully his eyes are back to normal this morning.

I've never had double holes. Hope the irritation clears up quickly though!

Have a question...... could you give some tips on losing weight? You look wonderful! What you eat, drink, supplements, exercise, routine.......all of it! LOL I need help in this area. Thanks Julie!


Mimi said...

Are you still on the 500 calories a day diet?

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