Saturday, November 27, 2010

Life with Boys is NOT for the faint of heart

Sigh . . . Life with boys is not for the faint of heart!

You Moms and Dads of boys will probably be saying a hearty AMEN to that statement!

I always say, "God definitely laughed when He made little boys!"

Just think, some people don't believe that God has a sense of humor!!!

My lil' fellas have been up to their share of mischief these past few weeks.

Enough mischief to . . .

Well, I will let you decide for yourselves!!!

My Mischief Makers have:

Drawn with pencil up the faux finished wall of the stairway leading to upstairs.

Drawn with ink on one of my library drawers (quarter sawn oak).

Toppled over a mini Christmas tree in a bedroom  . . . How you ask? Well, making Lego decorations and loading them onto a tree that wasn't heavy enough in the bottom. Which wasn't bad in itself . . . just bad for the actual tree ornaments that took a beating.

Squeezed the entire contents of Pinxav (sample we had just received) all over the book case in the family room. I found it when I tried to pick up "whatever it was" and smeared it under my finger nails in the process. Nice, huh?

Took Randy's hair gel (really thick stuff) and squeezed it out all over the family room floor. (yes, the same little boy as the Pinxav bandit above.)

Missed the toilet completely (boys' bathroom upstairs) and well, you know the aim isn't so great.

Took several DVDs to watch and threw them into library drawers instead of putting them back in their cases like we have taught them.

Someone managed to get spaghetti sauce on the wall in the dining area.

My oldest son thinks he should blow out candles right after they have been lit. Doing that REALLY irritates Katelyn . . . especially since she is the one that takes the time to light them.

That boy also loves to put toy figures in my Scentsy warmers and just happened to break one this past week. He was rewarded by allowing him to clean up the wax mess.

(by the way, Shaklee H2 cleaner IS awesome and cleans up boy messes in a flash!!!)

Sneaking around after bedtime is a favorite of little boys. If they hear a noise, they
 run as fast as their little legs will carry them and jump into bed.
They have missed the bed a time or two . . .

There is nothing that compares to the competitive spirits of boys. Yeesh!!! Even the most simple think become a challenge or competition. Imagine life with FOUR little competitive boys!

Of course, boys don't sit while they watch a movie . . . they slouch, drape themselves, turn themselves upside down, take one anothers place on the sectional
OR they all try to sit on my lap or right next to me all at once.

When it is bedtime, they always have a reason to come to the main floor to see what I am doing. They need a snack, drink, hug, kiss, need to use the bathroom or something to show Randy or I.
Anything but bed!!!

Tattling goes hand in hand with competitiveness in our home, especially if one of the boys isn't quite as "good" at something as they thought they were. So & So is  . . . (insert whatever tattle you can think of . . . I have probably heard it).

Of course, at this time of the year Ornaments and Special decorations adorn the house and little boys Love, Love, Love to TOUCH. There are days I cringe when they are quiet . . . It is never good to ignore quietness unless they are asleep!!!

Boys NEVER remember to close the door


take of their shoes


hang up their coat


take their clothes to the laundry room


make their bed


comb their hair


brush their teeth


pick up their toys


feed and water the dogs


take out the trash


the list could go on and on . . .

Little boys DO remember to:

remind me it is SNACK time

make a HUGE deal over freshly baked yummies

have overactive imaginations





tease one another

challenge one another

offer to help me  . . . a lot

love to take the dogs outside to . . . well, you know

run for the door when the box man (ups or FedEx) pulls up in front of the house


get up early

be adventurous


be read to

play games

have heroes

Love to tell their Momma that they LOVE HER (and LIKE Her too)

Life with boys is NOT for the faint of heart, BUT I wouldn't miss this ride for the world!

Yep, God definitely has a sense of humor and
He shared it with Me times FOUR!





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Marva said...

Nor would I (miss it) Julie! We are so blessed!

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