Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Just a Little Catch Up

A dreary afternoon outside my front door! The temperature is ONLY 42 but it feels like 37 degrees. VERY chilly!

Tomorrow is FEAST Day at school. Lots of Turkey, dressing, corn, cranberry sauce, rolls, mashed potatoes and gravy for the kiddos. It is always a fun time for all . . . but EXHAUSTING!

The dealership has located all three SRX Crossovers. One is out of state and will be in later this week. Two of them are in and being processed. They might be ready tonight . . . we shall see.

I was asked what truck did we buy . . . The GMC Sierra with the extended cab. It is gray and for the business.

One of my Aunts teased that we are going to have to keep the boys away from Katelyn with a Baseball bat with her beauty, intelligence, inner beauty and SRX! lol

Sue is at the house cleaning the main floor today . . . she is amazing and I am so spoiled to have her come to the house once every other week to clean!!! SHE IS OURS . . .at least every other Wednesday! I do think that EVERYONE should have their own SUE!

Christmas gifts are arriving at the office . . . it is wonderful to see them come in and not have to shop outside the house for them. I love marking them off my list as they arrive.

Next week after Thanksgiving we will be decorating our home for Christmas. It is always interesting to see the kids' reaction as our home transforms into twinkly lights, pretty bulbs, ornaments and gifts. I would love to get a real tree . . . go out to the tree farm, walk through thigh high snow (not that we have any)  . . . I want to search for the PERFECT tree with the kids. Just like the Grizwalds! lol

Well, I need to get together and be ready to head out the door . . . eye doctor appointments for two of the boys . . .

Have a great night and Stay warm!

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