Saturday, November 13, 2010


Today, it is dreary in my neck of the woods.

Do people say, "neck of the woods" anymore?


I do.

Maybe I am UNUSUAL.


Just ask anyone that knows me.

I am certainly my own person.

I have quirks.

Really, I do!

The great thing . . . My family LOVES me ~~~

Quirks and All!

I am sure by this time you are waiting for me to reveal some of my quirks . . .


You are in luck

cause I am in the "mood"

to enlighten you

on a few of my "quirks"

I will limit myself to share ONLY ten,

cause that is how I roll today.

JUJU's Quirks ~~~

R U Ready?

Of course you are!

Duh JuJu!

By the way . . .

That was quirk # 1.
Sometimes I let myself know how brainless of a thing I just did was.
Thus the DUH JuJu!

2. When I write, I love to use . . .  OR ~~~ symbols or markings - mostly instead of bullet points. Of course if you have been a reader of my blog for very long, YOU already KNEW that one.

3. I have a morning routine ~~~~ get up and ready for the day, hurry my boys along to get ready for school, take the boys to school. While in the parking lot at school I dial up my Mom for a chat. If I am heading to work I stop at the local McD's for an Ice Tea - no sugar. Then I either head to work or head home. Once home I get out my Stevia sweetener and add two small scoops to my tea and stir. Still chatting with Mom I go into the library of our home and sit in my big comfy chair. Mia usually comes in to join me, so I put her behind my head and she lays on the back of the big comfy chair while we chat. I drink my tea and we chat. Once my tea is gone, I make myself a cup of coffee . . . black. Mom and I continue our chat until one or the other needs to get busy with other things in their life.

4. Checking email, facebook and my blog comes next in my day . . . I MUST check these ways of communication to the outside world several times a day.

5. My pantry MUST be completely tidy and organized with all labels facing forward . . . I know, I am a freak! (Reminds me of the crazy dude on Sleeping with the Enemy)

6. My library MUST be completely organized as well. Like videos/DVDs MUST all be sorted by type, all titles facing the same way. The same for books and Nintendo games. I simply don't understand WHY DVDs cannot be put back into their respective case when the DVD has been watched. I know, OCD comes to mind.

7. I don't like wearing form fitted clothing. I have been told by my sister Jeanette AND niece Melissa that my clothing is too big and I need to downsize. I have even been threatened that if I don't I will be turned in to "What Not to Wear"! So, I am working on it. It is a little bit hard though . . . I have been used to wearing clothing to "hide" my size for so long that it is difficult to change. I have recently (within the past two months) lost 45+ lbs . . . about 65 since April. I am shrinking by the day, or just maybe the week and therefore my clothing gets a bit bigger by the week. I try to keep smaller sized clothing in my closet, but within a month ~ you guessed it, they are loose. I am trying to stay up on it, really I am.

8. Words that are pronounced wrong DRIVE ME CRAZY! Enough said!

9. I am EXTREMELY specific about my laundry. I LIKE it HOW I LIKE it! That is all there is to it! I have a specific SCENT! Don't be messin' with my Laundry Scent! Of course, after all of these years, my HUBS messed with my scent! Can you believe it? Me either! Apparently, Menard's had Downy on sale. Great thing, Right? Except for the fact that it is totally WEIRD that a Home Repair store has LAUNDRY softener . . . not to mention that they carry BREAD too! Don't get me started with that! Anyway, Dear Hubs came home with a GREAT BIG Smile on his face a few weeks ago . . . he thought he had made a HUGE FIND! So, I tried to be THANKFUL . . . even though Dear Hubs bought MANY BOTTLES of the PINK Cap Downy . . . instead of my SIGNATURE SCENT . . . Purple Bottle, Gray Cap . . . Lavender and Vanilla. So, I tell myself . . . the laundry smells terrific (it really does smell nice) BUT it is not the same. NOT JuJu's SIGNATURE scent.

10. I am JEALOUS of Pioneer Woman. NOT the Sinful kind of Jealous . . . simply Jealous. PW is always stylin' and beautiful. She creates amazing dishes for her family, lives on a ranch . . . not just any ol' ranch, but a GORGEOUS ranch that is always clean and tidy. She also is a GREAT photographer, home school mom, fantastic writer and a great role model. Ree also gardens and cooks what she grows. Not to mention that she met Bobby Flay and is doing a Throw Down with him. I love reading what she is up to each day.

I told you I was Quirky!

or maybe

I am just STRANGE!

No, I think I like the word QUIRKY better.

What do you think?


Mimi said...

Pioneer Woman is amazing. I love her and I hate her! Have you seen pictures of her amazingly good looking husband? I especially am envious of her Throw Down with Bobby Flay, my favorite chef!
You sound like a neatnik, and that is a good thing! Keep your quirks 'cuz they make you special.

Marva said...

No, not strange! Just alil quirky and well have our quirks! ;) Me included! I love Ree too! Great inspiration she is however you are too! Blessings!

Marva said...

Oh and I forgot to add congrats on the weightloss! That is great. Would you please share your secrets of how to? I need some inspiration in that area!

Jeanette said...

You're right girl! You are quirky but we LOVE you for it :}

I used to follow Ree but I would feel inadequate and lazy after reading her blog. She was feeding her kids straight from the garden while I was throwing in a frozen pizza! Guilt galore!! I check in with her every once in a while...

BTW...I have Clinton & Stacy's number in case it is needed ;}

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