Monday, November 29, 2010


I certainly hope my last post didn't drive anyone to tears or sleep!

I promise, this one will be shorter.

Mainly because I am REALLY tired!

I need about a 36 hour sleep or something!

Anyway . . . this morning I went into the office, picked Cody up after preschool, came home and ate lunch AND spent my afternoon with these:

Excuse the dirty thumbnail . . . he decided to dig his nail into a black crayon at preschool today.

This momma got ahold of those nails and trimmed them up. Not sure how I missed that they had grown long so quickly.

Remember our Daycation??? Well, Cody needed a bit of help with his!

Which made Cody a VERY happy Boy!

Now . . . I am going to go and watch a bit of television and fall asleep!

G'night all!


heartsfulloflove said...

uh--oh you changed your background to WINTER---aaggghh!!! =)
The fun continues from your daycation!

TJ said...

Oh a 36 hour sleep sounds divine! I want/need one too.
My kids nails seem to always be overgrown. I can't ever keep up on them, not that they want me to.

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