Friday, November 12, 2010


The sun is shining this morning . . . such a change from yesterday's gray and dreary sky.

The boys are all gathered in our Master bedroom's sitting room watching Scooby Doo and eating Pop Tarts while I write and drink coffee. The dogs are all hanging around waiting for their chance at some Pop Tart crumbs. Katelyn has gone shopping with Grandma for the morning/afternoon and Randy is at work . . . not sure if he is happy or sad that he isn't home for the day.

The TO DO list for the day is long, so we have already started it. So far,

Beds are stripped

1/2 of the kids are dressed

1/2 of the master bath is cleaned

There is still PLENTY to do.

The week has been busy and the weeks ahead will be filled even more with appointments, work, school, school activities and more. I am cringing at the thought of all there is to do.

My Christmas Shopping is well over 1/2 done . . . I am quite happy with my progress. As most of you know, I accomplish 95% of my Christmas shopping is done online. I try to purchase items with free shipping and on sale when possible. I am down to trying to figure out what to give Katelyn for Christmas. She is the hardest to shop for . . .  except for Randy. Can I simply say YIKES?

I thought it would be fun to list a few fun and interesting things I learned this week:

Don't worry, it won't be intense!


O.k. Here we go:

Pioneer Woman is having a Throw Down with Bobby Flay - isn't that awesome?

Josh and Anna Duggar are expecting Baby #2 - Congratulations!
Regardless how many times you tell your children that you are DONE Christmas shopping for them ~~~ they continue to tell you new things that they want.

The temperature is wonderful here today, but is supposed to drop overnight. At least that is what I was told by my hubs. Rain is on its way too.

Shutterfly is really good about replacing books if the pages fall out.

Williams-Sonoma will replace a broken item I received . . . even though I threw it away so my kids wouldn't be tempted to touch the broken glass. (We did take pictures of the broken item.)

There is a GUMMY BEAR song . . . Really Truly there IS!

Since many of you probably DON'T believe that there IS a Gummy Bear song . . .

Go to and check it out.

Go ahead, check it out and then click back to me . . .

You know you WANT to!

Go On Now . . . Hurry . . .

(Make sure you click on the English version.)


The first part of this post was written several hours ago.

The upstairs is clean.

Dinner is over.

It is dark outside.

It feels good the upstairs is done.

I am really tired though.

I did take a few photos and made up a little slide show.

House Tour Part 3

This slide show is of part of our 2nd floor.

Ryan, Cameron, EJ and Cody's rooms.

Plus the hallway.

The Master bedroom, bathroom and sitting room will be put to a
slide show and posted in a day or two.

I don't want you all to think I worked Magic and made the ENTIRE upstairs spotless.

But I did.

With the help of the little men in my home.

Oh yeah . . . Katelyn helped during the last part of cleaning the floors.

Please ignore the little flying dust particles that look like orbs.

I also should tell you that our floors are NOT red, but are Japanese Maple. My small camera just tends to add a bit of red tint to the color of the floor for some reason.

Without further adieu, I give you

The Slide show:

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Have a great night!


1 comment:

Marva said...

I enjoyed the slideshow! I loved Cody's bed. My boys would love it too! I have started doing a lot of my shopping online as well. I still love to get out EARLY on Black Friday though! LOL I am almost finished with our shopping. Now to do my parents' shopping for everyone.....

Hpe you have a great night! Blessings and hugs!

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