Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday at Our House

The day after Thanksgiving is generally OUR day of decorating for Christmas . . . the past few years, the decorating has been a bit minimal mostly due to exhaustion. O.k. maybe I should be really real here . . . it was more like the fact that I have four little boys that are VERY hands on!. This year . . . we are ALL on for decorating! We started with a few little things the other day and continued a bit more today. We are waiting on the tree for a few more days because I really want the boys to experience going out and cutting down our Christmas tree . . . think of the Griswald Family Christmas . . . minus the flying car, waist high snow, driving under a semi and squirrel in the tree. Well, the squirrel in the tree MIGHT be fun! Randy is not so "into" the experience.

Here are a few more photos of our Christmas decorating:

a new table scape for our table

a poinsettia table runner (needs a bit of ironing . . . I did use the Downy wrinkle release . . .  hmmmm)

on my little table in the kitchen . . . a crystal bowl of faux snow, birds and paper stars

old fashioned television with winter scene, last years Christmas photo and yankee candle

a little Happy Holidays

the family room coffee table . . . jar full of "snow" and Happy Holidays banner with Santa hat. Christmas books and a small retro television with winter scene.

from the top

the boys are busy with Lego building

a little Charlie Brown Christmas . . .  book

basket with Christmas greenery on a bench on our porch

Katelyn and I have had a lovely day of "decorating" our home. We have five little trees set out . . . one in our library and one in each of the kids' bedrooms. They love them!

Katelyn and I are watching a Christmas movie . . . The Road to Christmas. It is very good so far.

I have accomplished a few things on my list that I wanted done this weekend . . .

the Christmas photo has been taken

and ordered

I am quite relieved!

The kids had a great time "posing" for the card. I can't wait to post it!

Well, must get to my movie.

Have a great day!


Marva said...

I can't wait to see the picture! I am sure it is great! I love your decorating pics. WE did that last night with the exception of the trees. We ill do the boys trees tonight and the Big one tomorrow.


Jenny said...

Very pretty decor. I love all your mice stuff from the previous post, super cute.

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