Wednesday, November 17, 2010


and then Randy pulled in . . .
His new baby . . .

and then Randy pulled in . . .

His new baby . . .

Katelyn SRX is in my spot in the garage for the night.

The third stall will be cleaned out for hers to go into no later than Sunday night.

These babies are full of gadgets and we will be reading some manuals and learning all about them.

Mine is arriving at the dealership late tonight and will be ready sometime tomorrow.

We are all SO EXCITED!


Jeanette said...

Love the red! I'm sure Kate can't wait to drive it to school tomorrow :} I would insist on all of the being garaged after all the vandalism you guys have put up with!! Enjoy them - they look sweet :}

Patrice said...

Congrats!! So pretty!!

By the way, I love the pictures of the kids in the header...they are getting so big!! What a beautiful family you have!!

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