Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Thanks for the questions recently about my weight loss. I guess it is time to spill the beans on what I am doing.

I have been on Cyndi Benson's Grace and Strength Diet. The results have been INCREDIBLE!

I have tried every diet imaginable to loose weight, but nothing has EVER worked so successfully for me. I had lost 20lbs on Weight Watchers beginning in April of this year, but then became "stuck". I had also tried Kirsti Alley's weight loss. I became irritated and VERY defeated. Then one day I was reading blogs and came across a post by Amy Perry of the Christian Singing group Selah. I followed a few of the things she mentioned and then sent an email to Cyndi Benson. Cyndi replied quickly and answered a few questions that I had. I didn't do anything immediately, but about a month later I contacted Cyndi again. Within a few days, I began the Grace and Strength Diet . . . the date was August 31, 2010. Today I am on Day 87 and 47.6 lbs lighter.  I am quite certain that I would be down another five to ten lbs by this date if I had not indulged a few times during these 87 days.

Without entering into too much of the program . . . I will leave that to Cyndi . . . I will say:

I speak with my Coach Brenda once a week! She provides great encouragement and guidance.

Cyndi Benson is a Nutritionist and KNOWS her "stuff"!

I am on a very specific eating plan.

500 calories a day = 250 calories for lunch & 250 calories for dinner

I take a HCG supplement three times a day before meals

I am rarely hungry between meals and actually become very satisfied at meal time.

I try to drink a LOT of water - some days I am better at that than other days.

Now that I am almost 70 lbs  lighter = 47.6 lbs with THIS plan in only 2 1/2 months 
and 20 lbs through previous methods,

I have noticed several things:

I am not obsessed with food.

My clothing gets more and more loose by the day - which means a lot of new clothes.

I have increased energy.

People do not recognize me. (Yes, I have had to reintroduce myself at times.)

I get cold (never have had this problem)

I felt a bit small in my BIG Escalade . . . now I feel just right in my SRX Crossover.

I can walk at a faster rate and with incline on my treadmill and actually lose track of time!!!
I really enjoy walking on it now.

I can polish my toes without holding my breath because I am bending over.

My hubs makes sure I eat. (I have forgotten a time or two.)

I am very conscious of the food I eat.

Natural foods taste incredible to me.

I don't miss consuming sugar or salt.

My rings slip a bit.

I have a visible neck.

My face has thinned and I can find my cheek bones.

I don't get indigestion.

The weight I have lost equals TWO of my boys.

I don't snore much (according to Randy, this has dropped dramatically).

I am literally shrinking. As of the last time I was measured, November 11, 2010 I have lost:

Chest: - 5 1/2"
Waist: - 7 1/2"
Hips: - 8 "
Upper Arms: - 1 1/2" - off each
Thighs: - 3" - off each

for a TOTAL OF: 30" GONE!!!

I am absolutely THRILLED with my progress and look forward to reaching my goal in 2011.

I thoroughly believe God sent Cyndi to minister to people like you and me!

I cannot encourage you more . . . If you have weight to lose, call Cyndi!!!

Do it FOR YOU!

For more information on The Grace and Strength Diet, please contact Cyndi Benson:

or email Cyndi through the online email form.


Marva said...

Congrats Julie! And thank you......

heartsfulloflove said...

You are looking great!! Maybe you will have to order clothes 2 sizes smaller now since they still are too big!! Keep up the good work.

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