Friday, November 5, 2010

An Afternoon of Pink

Cody and I were treated to an afternoon of "Pink"!

We rarely get to experience teeny tiny "Pink"

so, this afternoon was super special . . .

because . . .

Lil' Miss Noelliah Hayden
came to visit!

Here she is taking a little snooze ~ she kept covering her little face.

It was almost as if she was saying, "Aunt JuJu ~~~
 I am trying to sleep here! Leave me be!"

Cody has fallen head over hills for this little gal!

He LOVES to hold her and she tries really hard to tolerate his whims.

He is smitten!

Of course, having a baby girl in the house came with its own set of questions from my four year old . . .

Is she trying to talk? (She was making little squeaks)

Why doesn't she get down and walk?
 I answered, because she is too little.
Cody said, "Well, YOU could help her!"

Why does she have a lovey like I do? (meaning: why does she have a pink blanket that is like my yellow blanket)

What is that BAG for?
I answered: It is her diaper bag and it has everything in it that we need to take care of her.

How long is she gonna be here for?
I answered: Well for about three hours.
Cody: Why can't she stay for FOUR hours.
I answered: Well, she could but Melissa gets off of work at 3:00 and will come and get her.
Cody: Why can't she just stay at OUR house?
I answered: Because her momma would MISS her.
Cody: Well . . . Wewissa (Melissa) could come to OUR house to see her!
I answered: We are only watching her for a little bit and then she will go home to her Mommy, Daddy and Sisters.
Cody: Oh, o.k.

Then, I was changing her diaper:
Cody asked: "Mommy is that her naughty place?" (He was pointing at her freshly healed belly button.) I explained that was just her belly button. Then he glanced further down and had a VERY puzzled look on his face. I was waiting for the next question, but it never came. I am quite certain there were other questions or comments in that little mind, but he didn't say any more. (Personally, I think he was of the opinion that she must have been broken.)

Cody hovered over Noelliah, patted her, held her and rubbed her little leg. We all three snuggled together on the couch. Before long, it was time to say good bye . . .

It was a LOVELY afternoon!

Melissa, Thanks for Sharing Baby Noelliah today!

Hugs and Much Love


Jeanette said...

Maybe her nose was cold! I love it that Cody was so taken with her - didn't think I could ever see that happen :}

Julie said...

Jeanette . . . when she was first born, Cody would not even look at Noelliah. However, as you could see by the photos, he can't get enough of her.

Was great to see you today!

Mimi said...

Is it time to add another little one to your family? A little sister? For Cody!

Julie said...

Mimi, we are open to whatever God has for us . . . Although I must say, I get a bit nervous when I think about it! lol

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