Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What IS that SMELL?

Most of you all know that Katelyn and I live in a household of TESTOSTERONE . . . FOUR boys and a husband . . . Not a day goes by that those testosterone carrying dudes don't leave a smell of one kind or another where I am working, on the computer or simply chilling out. Of course, with those "odors" comes . . . NOT ME, WASN'T ME, I DIDN'T DO IT ~ ~ ~ From each and every one.

This afternoon/evening has been no different . . . I was working at the computer when a horrific smell lofted slowly past my nose. What is THAT smell??? came from my mouth and of course, the NOT ME, WASN'T ME, I DIDN'T DO IT was the answers I received.   Again and again I would get a whiff of the stench. Finally, I asked one of my boys (who shall remain nameless) if he needed to use the bathroom. Of course, according to tradition the answer was "No." I asked if he had gone to the bathroom and not used toilet paper . . . again the answer was "No" but he did abide by my wishes and went to make sure. He walked past me again and this time I was certain WHO it was. I sniffed near him but didn't smell anything while he was standing by me. I concluded that I was wrong . . . until he walked by again.

It was then that I said, "O.K. SOMEONE IN THIS HOUSE STINKS!!!" The boy came by me again and I immediately sent him to Randy for a sniff. Checked the breath . . . not it. Checked the arm pits . . .  not it. Checked his socks . . . a little smell but not it. Then I said, "Randy, smell his feet . . . something about him REEKS!

Can I say . . .




Without delay the boy was instructed to take his shoes and socks to the laundry room AND then wash his feet.

To conclude, I am happy to report the SMELL, STENCH, NASTY ODOR has left the room!

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Jeanette said...

HA! We just had that same issue with one of our girls :} She shall remain nameless as well but I will give you her initials.....GEA!

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