Friday, October 15, 2010

The Weekend has Arrived!

The weekend is officially here . . . It has been a really l -o-o-o-o-n-g week!

I am so GLAD it is the weekend!!!

I put on a pot of chili for dinner tonight . . . made mine without the beans. I am going to pop in some pop overs for the kids as soon as I am finished writing this post. They will be thrilled!

Cody has been busy with just about everything this afternoon, but has kept himself entertained for hours. It is so nice that he will "go play" by himself for a while so I can get things done.

Dishes are all done and the kitchen is cleaned up from the chili making. I started using "buffalo" in many of my dishes as it has so much less fat. I saw a statistic that buffalo is actually 1/2 the fat of turkey and only about 20 calories more for the same portion. The great thing is that my kids LOVE it and so does my hubs! When I purchase my buffalo roast and ground I make sure to purchase it from a reputable organic farm. (My dogs love those little bits of leftovers too!)

Tonight I am planning movie and popcorn for the kids. I want to set the tone for the weekend . . . relaxation at its finest! Of course, there will be those little things that we all must get done, but for the most part . . . RELAXING in on our agenda!

How often do you balance your check book?

Well, if you are like me I like to balance it weekly for home and almost daily for the office. I feel better knowing my balance and the bank balance are in sync. Every once in a while I may forget to write something in the checkbook that throws me off. I ALWAYS have "extra" in our checking for just such an occurrence, but have rarely used it. There are those tines that things are a bit off , but it didn't happen on my end. Nope, the unthinkable . . .TheBanks made a mistake! It has been known to happen and just such an occurrence happened today in our company bank account. I was balancing things at home when the account showed a deposit $45.00 less than what was deposited. A quick call to the bank clarified the situation quickly and a correction was made on their end. Hey, $45.00 is $45.00! I guess the point is . . . if you don't regularly balance your checking account . . . you may want to start balancing it regularly as it could save you a bit of money.

The roofing guys are finishing up our roof. It looks marvelous and I am so excited it is almost done.

Well, I must get to those popovers . . .

Have a splendid Friday night.


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