Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Very Damp and Cool Saturday

It is a cool and breezy afternoon in my area of the world. The temperature is a crisp 58 degrees and very dreary.

Randy's Dad was taken by ambulance this morning to the hospital unresponsive. The paramedics couldn't wake him up and he was unconscious at the hospital for a while. At first the docs couldn't find the cause for quite some time. Randy just received a call that a Cat scan revealed an aortic aneurysm measured at a size 5 cm. He has been referred to a cardiac doctor and sent home. Randy and I are both concerned that he was sent home . . . for something to have caused him to be unconscious for approximately 35 - 45 minutes, complain of chest pain, be white as a ghost and not remember anything . . . the diagnosis of aortic aneurysm is pretty serious!

We are taking the day easy . . . not doing much, but simply enjoying our day. I am personally beginning to feel like I need a jacket. I think I need a hot tea too! Lovin Pumpkin Spice!

The leaves are beginning to fall and they are beautiful! It is too damp for the boys to play in the leaves, but I am sure they would love playing in them.

I am excited today . . . I have officially lost 35.2 lbs and 22.5" in 56 days. I feel incredible and can tell a big difference in the way my body looks and feels.

Katelyn is inside playing the piano . . . she is playing Christmas songs! I really don't want to think about Christmas coming so soon. I have not even begun to get ideas for gifts for my kids yet! How about you?

I really need to get started on our Shutterfly book for 2010. I am going to put together a book of pictures for the entire year instead of quarterly like I have in the past.

All morning we have been hearing HUGE rumbles, but it isn't thunder. It is a really weird sound and I am certainly relieved it isn't closer as it sounds horrible. We will probably never know what it is.

I think tonight will be pizza night for my kiddos . . . Maybe Randy and I will have steak on the grill. Sounds like a great idea to me!

Well, my brain is empty and I have nothing left to write. Have a great day!

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