Tuesday, October 12, 2010


The evening is here and the kids are all doing their homework. Each and every night of the week is consumed with homework x four little boys . . . yes, even our youngest has a memory verse to learn! There are spelling lists, reading assignments, math to practice, papers to go over and then help them with anything they are struggling with. Last week it was EJ and his spelling . . . He received a 100 A+ for his hard work on his spelling test on Friday! Woo Hoo This week Ryan is struggling with math, spelling and history . . . we have our work cut out for us! Cameron is doing well and isn't struggling with anything academic at the moment.

Many times people ask me, "How do you do it all?" "How do you take care of five kids, your home, three dogs, husband AND work?" There is only one simple answer . . . "Many times I don't." Let me explain . . . Regardless of what people will try to get you to believe, there is no perfect Mom . . . no perfect home and NO ONE can do it all!!! Something will not get done OR not get done well.

Here is how things roll at our house:
  • Our Family . . . each and every member of our family is IMPORTANT, SPECIAL and LOVED
  • Our home is LIVED in . . . every square inch ~~~ Four boys ages 8, 7, 6 and 4; One teenage girl, three dogs, a bowl of goldfish, a guinea pig, a Dad and of course me.
  • Things happen . . .
  • Laundry gets away from me if I don't work on it EVERY day. I load up the washers ~ I have two washers and two dryers and I wouldn't live without them ~~~ after the kids and Randy have their bath each evening. Before bed I can usually get between 2 and 4 loads done.
  • After dinner each evening, the kids help to clear the table, empty the dishwashers AND take out the garbage.
  • Bedrooms have room checks every night so things don't get away from us or them.
  • Homework is ALWAYS done with a grownup present.
  • I keep a special folder with copies of spelling words, special projects and school stuff to take care of.
  • Each member of our home has chores based on their age.
  • Beds are supposed to be made each morning and rooms tidy BEFORE breakfast.
  • Bathrooms should be wiped every day . . . sometimes, they don't get it every day.
  • I make ONE meal for dinner . . . I don't believe in being a short order chef . . . no special orders.
  • During the week, we try to keep television viewing at a minimum for the kids.
  • I use my little helpers online to take care of the day to day needs of our home . . . amazon.com, alice.com . . . I love FREE shipping and shopping online saves me a ton of time. I also order 90% of the kids' clothing as well as mine.
  • We keep extra curricular activities to a minimum during the school year.
  • Only one adult is allowed to go insane at a time.
  • A calendar/agenda book is extremely important! I do use my computer to keep track of dates, but also keep a hard copy available on my desk for Randy or Katelyn to check if needed.
  • Backpacks are to be packed each evening before bed.
  • Lunches are made each evening.
  • Bedtime is 8:30 p.m. for the boys.
Life is never certain, but I can absolutely guarantee:

Houses get messy

Kids can be naughty

Kids make messes

Parents make mistakes

Parents can be grumpy

Everyone gets impatient

Things get broken

Things can be replaced

Kids don't stay little forever

Kids won't always want to be with you

There will be good days and bad days

Treasure each moment

Treasure each day


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