Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Lovely Thursday in My Neck of the Woods

Thursday . . . my day has been full already today!  The day has been a really good one so far, and for that I am thankful!

Everyone was pretty easy to get up and going this morning. The boys got up, dressed and had breakfast without a bunch of fussing with each other. PHEW! Before we knew it . . . time to load up and head out. That was when the dawdling began. It was a bit harder to get the kids loaded into the car . . . and then to get them out of the car at school. Everyone seemed to want to stay together to talk or tease each other. After I got them out of my SUV I headed back home for a bit . . . I made myself a cup of coffee while I talked to Mom. I love sitting in our library all snuggled into the chair with a cup of coffee or tea!

Time ticked by and it was time for my nail appointment. I always enjoy chatting with Missy while she makes my nails beautiful. Missy always does an incredible job! Thanks girl!

I had a bit of time to kill after my nail appointment, so I decided to head to Hallmark. I rarely go into the Hallmark Store, but today I was on a mission. I wanted to pick up something little and special as my kids got their report cards yesterday - except for Cameron and we will get his today - as they did so well during their first nine weeks of school. I am so proud of them! So I picked up four little Ty Beanie Bats named Midnight for the boys and a super soft Snoopy and Card for Katelyn. I left Hallmark and headed home to get the keys to Katelyn's car. Once at the school, I wrote little notes to each of the boys and Katelyn . . . then I put each of the little bats in their seats with the notes. They will be surprised when they get out of school and get into the car. Cody's note and bat were on his seat for him in my car.

Report Cards:

Katelyn: Grade 12: American Government - 98.8 A; Band 100.0 A+; Bible 101.2 A+; Chemistry 92.2 B+; Choir 97.0 A; English 91.0 B. Her grade point average is: 95.6

Ryan: Grade 3:Art 3.0 S+, Bible 93.1 B+; Choir 3.0 S+; English 88.3 B-; History 90.3 B; Math 89.2 B; Music 3.5 O-; Penmanship .9 S-; Reading 87.5 B-; Science 87.7 B-; Spelling 93.1 B+

EJ: Grade 1: Art 3.1 S+; Bible 95.3 A-; Choir 3.5 O-; Math 94.0 A-; Music 3.0 S+; Phonics 96.1 A; Reading 88.2 B-; Spelling 86.0 C+; Writing 2.2 S

S = satisfactory; O = Outstanding, N = Needs Improvement

Cody has done very well in Preschool and received all O's and S's on his "report card".

Hopefully, Cameron will bring his report card home tonight.

I parked and went into school to pick up Cody. While I was talking to Mrs. H the school secretary . . . Ryan came to the office . . . he forgot his lunch. I took he and Cody through the drive thru at  McD's for their lunch . . . chicken nuggets, fries and milk. They ate in the car while I drove back school . . . before I left Ryan off at school he handed me a little paper . . . The paper read:


*** ***** Street

Big Heart, Star and ????

It was a note from a girl with her telephone number, street address, a heart shape, star and a circle with three smaller circles above it . . . not certain what that was.

I asked him about it and he said, "Mom, it was from a GIRL!
She wants me to come over to her house or something."  

Hmmmm . . . . this Momma thinks NOT!

Ryan is ONLY 8 years old!

We got right through the McD's line and headed back to school. Cody and Ryan ate on our way back to the school and then finished up while I sat with them in the parking lot. Ryan headed back in to school . . . Cody and I headed home.

Once home, the first course of urgency was for me to get to laundry and then boil up some eggs. Tonight we are having left overs . . . we have a lot of them from all of the cooking I have done. The kids love egg salad, so they are having egg salad sandwiches with carrots and potatoes from the other night's dinner.  Banana's for dessert tonight as they need to be eaten up.

Lately our mail has consisted of a ton of catalogs . . .

yesterday's mail was no exception . . .

we received about 20 catalogs . . .

five or six were toy catalogs.

Our boys devoured the toy catalogs . . .

Cody has begun the process of circling everything he wants or NEEDS (ha ha ha) in the toy books. I am quite certain the others will be circling until their hearts content tonight!

Last year, we limited our children to a certain $$$ amount for Christmas . . . the first year we have ever really set an amount and stuck to it. The same will be true again this year. PLUS, I usually have the boys go through their things and decide ten items to give away. They are always to very good about "giving" away and I am proud of them for their self LESS ness!

Well, the kids will be home in less than an hour from school . . .

It is time for me to chill out for a while.

Have a great evening!

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