Friday, October 29, 2010


There is one fact I have been trying to ignore . . .

Christmas is . . .

just around the corner!

Can you believe it?

I just installed a new Christmas Countdown on the right sidebar. Apparently, we are only 56 days away from Christmas!

Of course, wouldn't you know what came in the mail today?

Think about it . . .

Think about it . . .

O.K. . . . what comes before Halloween to every house in America delivered by the US Post Office?

Everyone that has children SHOULD know the answer to this . . .

Give Up????

Think You Know???

O.k. Fine, I will show you!

The . . .

Oh Yeah!!!

My Boys have been through the catalog front to back, back to front, middle to ends . . .

the catalog in taking on a crumpled look!

Three of the boys were scouring the catalog over and over - even all together.

Cody was taking a nap . . .

Peaceful browsing for the older brothers.

I have only purchased a few things for each of the kids for Christmas. We plan to keep toy buying relatively low because the kids already have so many toys. We are going to focus more on things like books, audio, one large present and some small things.

How about you?

Have you began Christmas Shopping?

Do you budget?

Do you buy your kids the same # of items? the same cost?

We try to keep everything within pennies for each of the kids. We try to decide on the amount that will be spent and go from there. In years past, we (I should only blame myself here) purchased the kids a whole bunch of toys, toys, toys. The problem with that . . . the kids didn't appreciate the gifts, they wanted more and more, they didn't even play with half of it. So, we re-assessed the entire situation last year and Christmas went GREAT! The kids played with the presents they received and appreciated them much more.

Today, when the catalog arrived I told the kids to go through the catalog and put a few sticky notes with their names on them on pictures of items they would like. I only had one child out of five ask . . . "How MUCH do we GET?" Of course, this was a valid question, however if the child listened, he would have known that I instructed them to choose one or two things that they really wanted. I, of course, made it very clear that if they weren't happy with one or two items . . . we could simply get underwear and socks ONLY.

I really don't think there will be any more questions about "HOW MUCH".


heartsfulloflove said...

I'm very behind this yr and it bothers me b/c I try to really think them all through. I have the older two done, but I just don't think there's much of anything to get a baby who is so young in the wy of a toy. Nothing has "struck" me. We do one larger in price gift and 2 or 3 much less expensive gifts.

Marva said...

You are so right Julie! The more children get the more they want. We usually buy two of each thing since the boys are twins and they generally like the same things.

We use a budget. We spend less than $1200 for all things. This includes, wrapping, cards, postage, foods, goodie gifts, pictures, special clothes, and all bought gifts (last year we had 61 on our list). I do a lot of shopping on sale and with coupons and throughout the year. I put things back in the closet until Christmas! LOL

How do you budget Julie or do you?

We get the boys 3 gifts each from santa representing the gifts the wise men brought to Jesus. Usually toys. The amount depends. This year they are get Buzz lightyear action hero (15inch ones) I found for $12.75 at Target last year, dog Pillow Pets $20 each and a set of Tinker Toys from Sam's for $20 each.

Then we fill their stockings with things like new crayons, socks, underwear, a dvd (inexpensive), Toothbrush, mini puzzles, a small book and special candies. Usually $15 or less for each child.

As for gifts from us It depends. This year we are getting them clothes, puzzles, Melissa and Doug toys and some other odds and ends. Some educational dvd's. $100 or less for each child.

I guess we spend about $200 or less per child.

We also usually get a family gift "fun" gift. Sometimes a necessity. This year it will be a Wii though! It is delivered by santa.

It seems as though I am getting a new washer and dryer this year. Any suggestions there? I could use some! :)

So about how much do ya'll budget for each child?

Blessings on you!

Julie said...

Marva, yes we do try and stay within budget for Christmas. So far, I have purchased FAMILY gifts ~~~ The Children's Hour Christian Read Aloud Books Collection of 12 books. Radio Theater Collection of 7 cds and Building on the Rock - five books.
We are allowing $300.00 per child for Christmas gifts ~~~ stocking and all.
Love your idea of the Wise Men gifts!!!

As far as a new washer and dryer . . . I love my Sears Kenmore sets! They are really awesome! We have had many different brands and the Kenmore machines have been exceptional for us.

We really don't set an overall budget for the entire Christmas, but we don't go into debt for it either. We always have a set amount for parents and our kids. We haven't talked with other family members to see if we are to buy gifts for all of the kids or if we are just buying for Grandma and Grandpa. Our families are growing and growing. Last year we didn't buy for the nieces and nephews, but that was kind of boring ~~~ not sure about this year.

Love ya,

Julie said...

Melissa, I love shopping for the little ones!!! Tiny babies are so easy to shop for ~~~ rattles, stuffed lovies, clothes.

Are we shopping for the kids this year? What do you think?

Marva said...

Hey again Julie! Would you care to enlighten me with what Kenmore w/d you have. There are SO many options for a w/d. I don't know what i need and what I don't. ;) With boys like mine and yours I'm sure you will have great advice to give. :)

Julie said...

Marva, they are Kenmore Elite Washer and Dryer. The Washer has Smart Wash, SteamCare and Quiet Pak 9.

I LOVE them!

Mimi said...

We usually buy 1 large family gift that will be enjoyed by all of us and the kids each get 1 gift that they have chosen, for example this year one wants a new guitar and the other wants a new cell phone with all the bells and whistles. They will also get a few smaller gifts and stocking stuffers. When they were younger, they got the same things for Christmas, but as they grow older they have their own taste and preferances. I save throughout the year for big gifts and one thing that helps is to buy a gift card every week and save it for Christmas. This year I bought a $25 gift card every week to save for a 55" net tv and a new blu ray player. Now I have enough to pay for it and for some extras as well. I like to use gift cards because some stores always give free shipping on gift card purchases and that saves me time and money. Also in my states gift cards can never expire, so there's no worry if I have extra money left over.
Enjoy your shopping!

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