Thursday, October 28, 2010

First Fire in the Fireplace of the Season

Our first fire in the fireplace for the season. It was nice and toasty!
The temperature is down to 34 degrees already and it is only 10:13 p.m. Baby it is going to get really cold tonight! We all gathered in the family room tonight and watched a movie while the fire in the fireplace warmed the room. Our furnace was on, but we only have it set to 68 degrees and it felt chilly to us as we usually have the house temperature set at 73 degrees. I even have SOCKS on my feet and my family and friends all know that I am not usually a sock person . . . even in the winter!

The boys received their school pictures today . . . the fastest we have ever received them! I have each of their photos cut apart, name, age and grade are all written on the back of each photo as well. That was certainly a tedious job. For some reason Katelyn did not receive her photos yet . . . maybe tomorrow. Anyway, I wanted to show you how good they look:

I am certainly spoiled by a gorgeous group of boys! As you can see, the two older boys have gotten their front teeth in, but poor EJ still doesn't have ANY front teeth ~~~ upper or lower!

Well, the hour is late and I need to get my warm jammies and snuggle in bed. Morning comes too early most mornings!

Stay Warm!


Marva said...

The pictures are great! The boys are really growing! Hope all is well! Blessings!

Mimi said...

The boys are cuties and totally irresistable.
I'd hug them to pieces if I were you!
Enjoy the weekend!

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