Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Chilly Evening

Thursday morning . . . I am at the office, my work is finished. I am waiting for time to tick by for me to head to the car dealership to get my door handle on my SUV fixed . . . my four year old broke it on Tuesday. Grrrrrrr! I really don't think the door handle should be so fragile that a four year old could yank so hard that the clip that holds the left side would break. Hmmmm, poor design . . .

The office is quiet this morning as everyone is busy with their regular duties. I enjoy coming into the office on days like today. I have my fresh ground and brewed coffee and quietness . . . and it is amazing!

Does anyone out there have Verizon Wireless? If you do, how do you shut off that horrible "please enjoy the music while your party is reached" music? It is really annoying!!!


Figured out the Verizon Wireless hold music and fixed Randy and my phones. At least I got that done!

Door handle is fixed on my SUV. I did complain a little to the service guy and he agreed that those crazy handles are made too cheaply! They got it replaced and I was able to enjoy a bit of quiet time in the waiting room with a few other nice folks. One lady had on some really great sandals . . .  I didn't get a chance to ask her what brand they were though. Bummer!

It is now evening and I am sitting outside on my deck. It is getting a bit chilly, so I probably won't be out here long. The lake is calm and I am listening to the sound of the sprinklers running. I absolutely love sitting out here! I guess we are going to have to get one of those outside heaters so we will be able to sit out here in the winter too! lol

The guys continue to replace our shingles . . . our roof has a lot of detail and is quite steep . . . I really don't envy their job!

Well, it is time to head in . . . I am a bit chilly!

G'night all

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