Thursday, October 28, 2010


Brrrrrrrr Baby it is COLD outside. The furnace is ON! The temperature is currently in the LOW 40's and the wind is blowing strong. The skies remind me of the sky in February . . . yucky, dreary and blah! We actually have a freeze warning for tonight! YIKES

Ooopppsss  . . . hang on, my laundry just beeped . . .

Four loads in (two washing and two drying) and three to go . . . not too bad for a Thursday.

Yesterday Cody and I tried to get an updated photo of he and I . . . it was quite a chore adventure! Here is what we got:


I have to tell you, my head was everywhere . . . he would push his head into mine this way or that. He really likes to have his picture taken, can you tell?

Well, I only have an hour before I go and pick him up from Preschool. I should close because I want to finish up a book I am reading, plus drink the remainder of my coffee before I leave.

Have a great day and STAY warm!

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