Sunday, October 3, 2010


Today was our 28th Anniversary. The day was full of surprises and my kids telling us "Happy Anniversary" "Happy Anniversary Mommy" "Happy Anniversary Daddy" "I Love You" and more. I thrive on hearing my children expressing their love for their Mommy and Daddy! It is also wonderful to hear them love one another . . . it makes my heart smile as I am sure it does God's as well!

This evening Katelyn was chilling out with Randy and I on the sectional while the boys played with their Fisher Price Trio Batman sets. They came in this past week and they were all busy building. While they were busy playing, Randy was watching the television and censored version of Rambo. I was simply amazed at how quickly my boys were building "machine guns" and making those machine gun sounds. They were also building "walkie talkies" and then pretending to be army men.

Many people don't believe in letting little boys "Pretend" with guns or such, but from experience, I have learned that battles, guns, being the hero, etc. are all part of a little boys life ~ regardless if you give them a pretend gun, the build it out of blocks or chew a piece of bread to resemble a gun (yes, one of my boys actually chewed a piece of bread into the shape of a gun.) God made boys to be competitive, assertive and aggressive.

This evening as I sat back and listened, I was intrigued by their imaginations. Our 4 year old was working right along his brothers saying,

"Call 911"

"Red Alert, Red Alert"

Then our 6 and 8 year olds were busy in our foyer "shooting" into our library . . . they even knew how soldiers stand  . . .  it is amazing how God made little boys.

Little boys generally don't think before they do something, nope the thought comes AFTER!

Little boys aren't afraid of anything when it comes to "battle".

The imaginations of little boys is never ending.

Little boys are inquisitive.

Little boys are thrill seekers.

Little boys are ravenous . . . ALWAYS hungry for a "snack"!

Little boys think nothing of making sure their undies are clean . . . or anything else by the way!

Little boys love GROSS things.

You can get little boys interested in reading . . . just make sure the books speaks his language . . .
books with danger, mystery, treasure and maybe an alien or two. (age appropriate of course!)

Tonight while I watched and listened to all of them do their own thing, I smiled. I even nudged my husband that was oblivious to all of the "noise" to take a look and listen. Our boys . . . all four of them . . . having their own little adventure . . . wherever their imaginations took them . . .






We are so BLESSED!!!

Blessed beyond measure! Praise God for LITTLE BOYS!

Praise God for Blessing US!

Praise God for Answering Prayer!

I never thought in a million years that I would be a BOY mom, let alone a BOY MOM to FOUR little boys. Yes, there are days that I wonder if I will make it through (like yesterday)! There are times I ask God . . . What am I doing? Why? What is Up with THAT? (Any Mom to boys can tell you that they have been there too!) But I cannot stress enough how much my LiTTLE BOYS Bless my Heart!

I LOVE YOU . . .





and I THANK GOD for entrusting them to US!

PARENTING . . . there is nothing like it . . .


is there anything more important that a person can do!


FOR ALLOWING US TO BE PARENTS ~ May we Honor and Glorify YOU!


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