Sunday, October 3, 2010

Boy Adventures???

This afternoon I buckled down with my eight year old and we did some major work in his bedroom. I also enlisted the help of the brothers so we wouldn't be there until night fall. He owes them . . . He owes them BIG! In fact, he will be doing their chores for a few weeks to repay their hard work. After my post today, I will get a chart together to mark off the chores each day. The other boys are doing a little happy dance . . .

While cleaning the boy's bedroom, I found:
  • several broken toys
  • his digital drum pad - ripped apart (basically destroyed)
  • several of his omnitrix things - also electronic torn apart - more garbage
  • a Fisher Price DVD player - to replace this item - $200.00 plus - garbage
  • a Fisher Price video camera - ripped apart - garbage
  • bakugan balls - broken - garbage
  • a cup from an out to eat event - must have had soda in it as it was all over one of his dresser drawers - everything in the drawer was stuck firmly and I had to soak it in H2 to get it to come loose.
  • springs, screws and electronic boards from who knows what
  • dirty clothing in toy bins
  • clean clothes all over the floor and under the bed, complete with hangers
  • snack wrappers throughout the room
  • the bottom drawer of the dresser had been unscrewed and when I pulled the drawer out, it fell on the floor - there were screws everywhere
  • my missing screwdriver set (mini) was found - in his room
  • new winter coat - on the floor under his bed
Needless to say, there was a large kitchen bag of "stuff" that went to the garbage.

The 8 year olds bedroom has officially been denastified! (Is that a word?)

The other boys are all outside playing now . . . the 8 year old . . . well, he is beginning his newest job of working off the hours Mommy spent in his room AND doing the other boys' chores.

Hopefully and prayerfully the 8 year old will learn from his experiences.


Jeanette said...

Sounds like the 8 year old needs to pray hard to get even a piece of coal for Christmas! Shamey Shamey!

But I have been there and done that....more than once! No retainer or glasses though - interesting :}

jennifer said...

Denastified is definitely a word.

Sounds like he needs a tool set and something to create. All of the broken electronic items could be his was of finding out how things work. Signs of a very smart little boy maybe? Hang in there - boys take a lot of patience.

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