Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Bit of a Clothing Dilemma

The hour is late and I am ready to turn in for the night ~ it always feels good to cuddle in under the covers in bed. The temps are down in the 40's but shouldn't get as cold as last night.

Today was a busy one . . . trying to catch up on a few things around the house. Laundry crept up on me, so tomorrow I will have my work cut out for me with that. I have to say, I love freshly washed clothes!

I made a big dinner for my family tonight . . . pork chops covered in onions and potatoes. Katelyn made a little apple dessert and everyone dug in like there was no tomorrow! I had a salad with egg on top . . .

Now for my dilemma . . .

For the past 37 days, I have been on the Grace and Strength Diet and have lost 28.4 lbs during that time. The diet is strict, but it definitely works! Throughout this diet, I am learning about myself . . . some things are a bit eye opening for me. Since I have lost the 28.4 lbs, I have purchased a few new items for my closet PLUS am eliminating a few things from my closet. There is one thing I am struggling with though . . . I have lost enough to be comfortably in a smaller size, however I keep going back to those baggy clothes . . . for some reason, this is a struggle for me. I love my new clothing, but when I put it on, it doesn't hang on me like the clothes that I am too small for now. (Those words are amazing to say!) The clothes actually fit, but in my head I feel a bit too big for them because they don't hang baggy. I know it is all strange and I am trying to wrap my brain around it too. Prayerfully, God will provide me the "ease" in which to wear my new clothing and feel great wearing them and not self conscious.

Well, it is time to head for bed . . . morning comes early!



Mary said...

Hey, Julie!! I am so glad to read your blog again, it's been too long. I am so excited about your weight loss - WELL DONE!!! I understand how you feel... you just felt comfortable in the baggy clothes. It's just an adjustment, but pray and keep on with the new clothes and you'll probably get used to them and the "new feeling" soon (and start enjoying it!!). I'm so proud of you!!! What does the new diet involve? Keep at it by God's strength!! Tons of love to you - Mary

Jeanette said...

I had the same trouble! You have to get past it - if you have to throw out your old clothes DO IT!! You are still the same you - just in a smaller size. It is a mental thing and if you don't nip it now, you will just go back to the same clothes and we will have to report you to "What NOT to Wear!" for wearing clothes that are WAY to big for you :}

Julie said...

Thanks Jeanette and Mary, the diet is from Cyndi Benson Ministries called the Grace and Strength Diet. The protocol calls for stict eating regiment (500 calories a day) and a supplement of hcg three times a day. The diet is awesome and I am rarely hungry. The lbs are falling off . . . I am so excited to have finally found something that I could actually lose on.

Mimi said...

Congrats to you! That is a big weight loss! Dr. Phil advocates throwing out your old clothes so you can't get comfy and regain the weight. I am happy for you!

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