Sunday, October 17, 2010


Be sure your sin will find you out . . .

That sentence has been resonating though out our home for a long time now. We continue to try and teach our children that although Mom and Dad aren't watching every second of every day, God is watching and sees everything they do . . . obedient or disobedient.

My children are like a lot of other children in this world . . .
they push the envelope as far as they can and HOPE not to be caught. We continue to teach them right from wrong according to God's Word . . . sometimes they listen and sometimes they don't.
Of course, when they don't listen they are corrected . . .  reminded the "why" that they are not supposed to do what they were doing.
Of course, many times the kids don't understand why Mom or Dad are upset with them and we get "the look" that questions "why" Mom and/or Dad's panties are in a bunch.

The other night I was watching 19 Kids and Counting . . . Michele Duggar made a statement that has stayed with me  . . .

It is important to correct your children when you see they are doing something wrong . . .


It is equally important to praise your children when you see they are doing something right!

In fact, you should praise them TEN times more than you correct them! It is also important to praise them in the midst of others.

Wow! This Mom on 19 . . . she is really on top of things! I could really learn from her!

This week, I am going to strive to purposefully find my children being obedient . . .

and then fill them with PRAISES!!!

How about you?

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