Friday, October 1, 2010


O.k. so here is where I confess . . . I am a BAD Mom.

Yep, that is my new title . . . BAD Mom!

I am quite certain by this time you are wondering WHY in the world would I be writing this,
so, I will explain.

Yesterday I was going to take my kids to the apple orchard . . . after correcting them for this and that PLUS asking them to do something and then reminding them 20 times before they actually did it,
I cancelled the field trip to the orchard.

Instead, we cleaned bedrooms . . . top to bottom and closets.

I am talking REAL FUN here!

This morning I started the day out in a great mood . . . we slept in until after 9:00 a.m. and I thought the day was going to be a great one.

Well, that is what THOUGHT did for me!

Didn't happen.

I came down to the main floor and went to start laundry . . .

laundry was all over the floor in the laundry room.

It is ashame that we have no laundry cart in our home in which to throw dirty clothes. (sarcasm)

After that I went into our little 1/2 bathroom and at first was alarmed. There was something all over the toilet that appeared to be dry blood. First, I checked with all of the kids . . . was someone in this bathroom this morning that was bleeding. They all answered no. I was just about to call my hubs when I took a closer look . . .

it wasn't blood

it was candle wax.

Apparently, oldest son took my lit Yankee Candle (brand new) and poured the melted wax all over my toilet . . . for reasons only he knows. He then put water in my new candle. Nice, huh? Of course, when I said something to him, I simply received the "well, I simply don't know what you are getting so mad about" look.

BAD Mom!

I asked the boys to strip their beds . . . they know how to take care of their bed clothes, so this should have been no big deal. Well, several reminders later . . . this may or may not get accomplished. One of the boys took care of his and his brother's bed sheet and pillow case and was having a bit of trouble getting his sheet on, so I went in to help him. After helping him, I turned to see FRESHLY washed and hung clothing ALL over the closet floor. To say I was irritated was an understatement. Especially after no one did it! I will tell you these "ghosts" that do all of these naughty things really need to straighten up! So, once again I hung the clothes up and then found some dirty ones from yesterday . . . they are supposed to be taken to the laundry room each night . . . not be thrown on the floor of the closet.

BAD, BAD Mom! Can you imagine a Mom that expects clean clothing to be hung up
and not thrown on the floor? 
 (I put all of their hang up clothes on hangers, all they have to do is hang them in the closet.)

The plan for today included dusting, dust mopping and mopping the oldest son's bedroom. Of course, he was supposed to have it ready for cleaning for a week now. I peeked in this morning and was not happy with what I saw . . . of course, you have probably already concluded that the boy had not cleaned up his room. This afternoon, a garbage bag and I will arrive in his room and take care of the toys and such that cannot be put away for one reason or another.

Yep, I am a BAD Mom!

It was a little after noon, so I thought I should come down and see about lunch. I walked into the kitchen to find my daughter parked at the kitchen table drawing. Now, drawing in itself is not a bad thing and I am quite happy that she loves it. HOWEVER, the main floor needed to be tidied, dishes needed loaded into the dishwasher, bathrooms need cleaning . . .

I think you get where I am going . . .

Well, I kind of  .  .  .




I couldn't hold it in any longer . . .

It was beyond me how someone could simply sit while another is working their buns off around the house. What needs to happen here? Do the dust bunnies need to ring a bell to alert everyone of their presence?


BAD Mom . . . expecting the "little things" to be taken care of.

Well, BAD Mom needs to head upstairs with her garbage bag to repossess the toys that refuse to be put away. Then on to clean my master bath and bedroom.


Elizabeth said...

...Eeeep. Then I'm a bad mom too.

Natalie said...

We are all "bad" moms! Welcome to the CLUB!

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