Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Yummy Goodness on a Stick

The hour is late, but I find myself not feeling ready for sleep. The day was hectic, but I made it through. My kids were all home from school today  . . .  it is the official rest after the festival day at school ~ meaning no school today. Rest however was not part of my day.

The boys were crazed most of the day . . . which is totally exhausting. They were fussing with one another and totally not listening to me. So, I decided to put a bit of their energy to work on some chores that needed done.

Katelyn had two girls from school over to bake cupcakes. The house smelled yummy and the cupcakes came out very nice. We had tried to make a batch of "cake pops" but they didn't coat very well. So, not being the give up kind of people, Katelyn and I tried it again after the girls left.

I know by this time you are wondering what in the world Cake Pops are . . .

Well, a cake is baked in a basic 9x13 pan and cooled (we also made brownie ones). After the cake is baked, let it cool. Then crumble mixture into a bowl, then mix in frosting. Once all mixed, roll cake/frosting mixture into a ball shape and set on a tray. Once the tray is filled, put it in the fridge for one hour. After one hour, bring the tray out and insert sucker sticks into the balls and then dip in chocolate. Decorate the tops of the cake pop as you wish.

Here is a few pictures of Ryan with a cake pop that is wrapped in plastic wrap . . .

I will tell you . . . that boy has some faces, doesn't he?

Yummy Goodness on a Stick!

The boys did try some of the "cake pops" from the batch that didn't look so pretty and they LOVED them.

I am certain these little yummies will go over well tomorrow as special treats Katelyn is taking for school.

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