Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What Kind of Day Did YOU Have?

It seems I never know what type of day I will have or what it is going to entail. Do you ever have THOSE kind of days?

This morning I got myself together and took the boys to school. I needed to chat with a teacher, so it took me a few minutes more than normal. Then off to take the dogs to "beauty". Before I left the lot, I dialed my Mom for our morning chat. For the first time this morning I felt a wave of silence and I could exhale. Before I knew it though, I was at my desk preparing for any work I needed to take care of. Things are a bit out of the normal as Melissa had her baby girl last week. Juana is taking care of many of Melissa's duties and doing a great job.

The office has quieted down a bit as the air conditioning season has ended for the most part. We continue to have private label production runs to keep us busy. Before I knew it I needed to pick up Cody from Preschool.

I treated Cody to a McD's Happy Meal and ice cream cone and we headed home.

Laundry was the major thing on my list today and when I say laundry, I mean laundry. I cannot believe I let the laundry stack up to about 12 loads . . . shame on me! Oh well, I will have it dwindled down before I head for bed tonight.

Tomorrow I will be attending 2nd grade with one of my boys. My child cannot refrain from talking, answering for others, making outbursts during class. I warned him this morning and even met with his teacher. This morning went well, but this afternoon went haywire. So, tomorrow I will be sitting next to him so he will remember and learn to stay quiet during class time.

Well, my laundry will be calling me once again, so I should say good night for now.

What kind of day did YOU have?

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Marva said...

What a day Julie! I bet Cody loved his lunch! Mine was a usual hectic 10 hour day at the store.I did get to come home for an hour while john stayed in my place. During that time I got caught up on a few chores.

Love you! Blessings!

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