Thursday, September 30, 2010


Today and tomorrow my kiddos are out of school for teacher's institute, SO I decided today would be a great day to switch spring and summer clothes to fall and winter clothes in their closets. BIG JOB! While in the process of the closet change up, I decided the rooms needed to be cleaned top to bottom. Toys needed sorted and put away . . .  where they belong . . . yes, everything has a place. We were able to finish two bedrooms and the hallway today. Tomorrow we will strip beds . . . again . . . a job that never ends. We will also tackle the final boy's bedroom, the Master and both upstairs bathrooms. Then, the upstairs will be done!

This morning I decided to make the boys homemade apple juice. My sister Jeanette brought by apples from her tree the other day . . . the kids were thrilled! Thanks again Jeanette!

I am sorry I haven't much to post in the way of interest tonight! My brain is wiped out and I simply have nothing left.

Have a great night!

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