Sunday, September 12, 2010


Yesterday my new mirror arrived by truck delivery. I ordered it right after we purchased the piano. My hubs took the time today to put it up and I must say . . .I absolutely love it.

This is a photo of Katelyn playing the piano this evening. Our home was filled with the beauty of the melodies. It is so relaxing and I love to hear her play.

We have been busy this afternoon with a few things on our never ending list. I went outside with a few of my boys onto the front porch. (Have I ever mentioned that I love having a front porch?) Anyway, I watered flowers, washed down a few of my pretty things, the cushions on the rocking chair and love seat and then I found it . . . raccoon poody. Well, I have to confess that when I first saw it I wasn't quite sure what "animal" left it, so I called for my hubs to "check it out!" Upon inspection by the chief poody checker a verdict was made . . . it is raccoon poody.


So I got it all cleaned up . . . hosed it down . . . in fact the entire front porch was hosed down. The front door glass was watched inside and out TWICE because the little people that live in my house can't keep their grubbies off of the glass . . . (hmmmm am I sound a bit grumpy?) Well, if I sound like I am let me assure you that I am in a great mood . . . I just didn't appreciate doing the job twice.

We also took the time to touch up a areas in our home that needed a bit of paint touch up . . . I just want to know, How do walls that were painted a little over a year ago require touching up? (I know, I know . . . it has something to do with the little people in my house that can't keep their grubbies off of the walls.) Again, I am not in a grumpy mood, just stating the facts.

Yesterday, Katelyn and I headed out to our small town's festival for the year. It is a HUGE thing and we were able to go this year together. We had a blast. In fact, I picked up this little beauty . . .

The thingy spins in the wind and the glass ball looks like it is going up or down depending on the way it is spinning.

Next, I took a few photos of my containers on my deck. They were redressed for Fall. I love the gorgeous colors.

Do you ever simply drive by people's home at night and take little peeks inside a home or two that you can easily see in?

Well, tonight I thought it would be fun to take a picture of what our eating area looks like from outside the window.

and now with the lights on above the table.

This is one of our favorite places to sit . . .

Our main floor deck. It is so comfortable!

and my ficus tree has come out of its near death experience and is looking beautiful.

I came in from taking photos to find this little man in our pantry.

Apparently, he needed a snack AND was playing Leapster and needed a new game. True to boy form, he dumped all of the game cartridges out on the floor.

Birthday presents are all wrapped and ready for the Birthday Boy on Saturday. I also taped them all together - except the bottom one - so I will know if he is trying to sneak a peek.

Well, it is almost 8:00 p.m. and I am tired . . . time to say good night and head in to the family room to relax a while before bed.

G'night all


Joy said...

You are a hoot. I love your posts. Sorry about the coon poody. We have bunny poody in our yard. So you can keep the coons. Have a great evening and week

Julie said...

Joy, I tried to click your name to reply, but you don't have a link. Thanks for your cute post and I am happy that you only have bunnies and not coons.

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