Thursday, September 16, 2010


Today, I went to 2nd grade for the 2nd time . . . I have to say, WOW has it ever changed!

My second grader was having a bit of trouble remember to not goof around and to stay quiet in class, so after several other tries at trying to get his attention . . . I went to school and sat in 2nd grade for the morning.

It was a bit strange for the first few minutes . . . not only for me, but for the kids as well. I know it was strange for them by the bewildered looks they had on their faces each time they looked at me. All quickly became "the norm" for everyone, including me shortly after the morning began. I have to tell you . . . if you have no idea of what happens in your child's school classroom, you should take the time to go and visit for the morning. There is SO MUCH to learn! I know you are wondering, What did you learn? Well . . . I am so glad you asked, because I am going to share what I learned!

What I Learned Today in Second Grade

2nd grade children (boys AND girls) are very wiggly.

Little boys grind their pencils down to the nubbins and still use them.

It doesn't take much to stir up a classroom of 2nd grade students.

One single cricket will distract a child from her school work easily.

Erasers are VERY important in 2nd grade.

Our 2nd grade has kids that love to participate.

Some 2nd grade kids have very neat and tidy desks.

Second grade students have a great time learning.

Slant guides are important to use while writing.

Some students like pencil grips and some don't.

Second graders have fun learning through songs, speed drills, fastest fact finder games, syllable games and stories.

Second graders respond well to letting them know what is next on the schedule.

Sometimes, second graders try to ask questions during tests.

Teachers do not answer questions during tests.

Pencil sharpeners get a workout.

Our second grade teacher Mr. C is super!

Mr. C is very patient.

Mr. C is kind.

Mr. C loves his 2nd graders.

Mr. C is firm.

Mr. C loves to teach and it shows.

Today in 2nd grade I was amazed . . .

amazed at how much has changed since I was in second grade.

amazed at the patience our teacher has.

amazed at how our teacher has control of his classroom ~ without raising his voice!

amazed at how much the kids have learned in just a few short weeks.

amazed at how quickly the kids accepted me into their class and activities.

Tonight I am thankful!

I am thankful for wonderful teachers!

All my children have WONDERFUL and AMAZING teachers.


P.S. by the way . . .

whatever they are being paid . . .

it ISN'T enough!

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