Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Time certainly has a way of flying by, doesn't it?  I can't believe it has been several days since I have posted. Life has been busy.

I am so excited to show you this little gem I received  . . .

Do you see  that little something special?


I was SO surprised that the book I had ordered from Living Proof had Beth's little ole signature right on the cover! I know, I am sorry . . .  now please go and get a tissue and wipe away the drool! lol

As you can tell, I absolutely LOVE Beth Moore and could listen to her all day! The learning opportunities in her Bible Studies are endless! She also has a great blog . . . CLICK HERE.

Life has been busy in our home . . . Life has a way of taking up your day before you know it!

Laundry continues to take over my laundry room. Regardless of how empty I get my rolling laundry cart, it is always full the next time I walk into the room. I am beginning to think we have little fairies hard at work in our home to dirty all of the clothes they can each and every minute of the day. Plus, I have been getting the kids clothing for Fall's cool temperatures. It is hard to stay ahead of the weather AND those growth spurts!

The other day, Cody was helping me in the kitchen . . . or should I say, CHEF Cody!

Take a look at his intensity here . . .

Now before anyone freaks out . . . the object Cody is cutting with is a child's knife and is not sharp to cut skin . . . he is cutting up Velveeta cheese and also a stick of butter. He was helping me make Ryan's Birthday dinner . . . Meatloaf, cheesy potatoes, green beans and apple cobbler. The house smelled delightful and tummies were full to capacity!

The kids have been doing well in school . . . we are only having a few little hiccups that we are working on. Spelling words are an issue for one of my guys . . . writing legibly is an issue for another. This too will be conquered with patience, love and a bit of hard work.

My kiddos are out of school tomorrow and Friday for a teacher's institute thing. I am quite certain we will have very full days!

Our "ghost" continues with his clepto tendencies . . . not only is Katelyn's retainer missing, but a pair of glasses came up missing this week as well.

I have also been trying to get a few new items for my closet . . . shopping can be fun . . . NOT! I love the few things I have found and am beginning to have the feeling of Fall.

Well, I have gone on enough for tonight . . . before I know it TIME will have gotten away from me and it will be midnight.

Have a great night!

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