Sunday, September 26, 2010

There is a CHILL in the Air

Tonight as I write there is a chill in the air . . . right now the temp outside is 50 . . . I am cold, so I have a cup of hot apple spice tea to warm up. I am not kidding . . . I have goose bumps! Everyone is snuggled in their beds and the dogs are asleep too. Emma our Lhasa is snoring, Mia our Mi-Ki is asleep in her Monkey carrying case and Kamie is asleep on her doggie bed.

Although it was a cool day, the view was still spectacular. I took a photo of the larger planter that sits on the patio down by the lake and dock.

We did open up the house for the past few days and aired out the house! I love the smell of fresh air drifting through the house, not to mention I could smell my "signature smell" while clothes drying in the dryer. I love clean laundry!

This weekend was full of things to accomplish on my mental honey do list. I have to say, we got a lot done and it feels good. Besides the general every week house chores . . .

  • we cleaned out two stalls of our three stall garage (stall three will wait another week or two).
  • Randy adjusted the installation of two of our dishwashers . . . guess the contractor didn't have the time to get it right.
  • cleaned up leaves around the lower patio
  • built a fire in the fire pit by the lake to burn leaves and then sat by the fire will burning a bit of wood . . . it was wonderful
  • made a big crockpot of turkey kabasa chili (a self made recipe) which received rave reviews from Randy and the kids.
  • emptied out our freezers
  • installed one new freezer to match our other one and then sorted and organized both freezers. One freezer is strictly for meat and the other is for veges, bread, fruits and soup. That really was a large job!
This evening as I was down by the lake on our lower patio, I was joined by two of my four boys.

Apparently, they didn't think I should be alone!

The fire was beautiful to watch as the flames danced in the air.

I am thankful for special moments . . .

Moments to hear . . .

"Honey, I am so proud of you! You mean the world to me!

"Mommy, I Love You, You Know!"

"Mommy . . . You are the BEST cooker in the WHOLE world!"

"Mommy, I Love You!"

"Mommy, I will MISS You when I am at school in the morning!"

"Have a good sleep Mom, I Love You!"

Moments that are FOREVER engraved on My Heart.

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Natalie said...

I love the fall as well! It has finally arrived! Great post!

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