Monday, September 20, 2010


Good Morning everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend. Yesterday I posted about the Beth Moore Live conference on Saturday in Chicago, today I would like to post about


It seems when the rare occasion presents that we girls can get together, there is always a great time to be had and Saturday was no exception.

We all loaded into my Suv and we headed out on our adventure bright and early Saturday morning. As is normal for our family, we love to watch other people in their cars. Saturday was pretty cool outside, but that didn't stop a few people from driving their convertibles with their tops down . . . of course, the windows were all the way up and their heat was probably on, but that top was down!!! There was one fella in a red convertible . . . he was bald on top . . . we laughed and laughed as we imagined that he probably had a hair piece when he started off, but the wind that came over the top of the car probably had whisked it away.

We had stopped at a Circle K for a pit stop and when two of the girls (who will remain nameless) came out of the bathroom this question was asked . . . "Why is there Braille on the diaper changing station?" Which led to another question . . . "Why is there Braille on a drive up money teller?" Two questions we may never have an answer for. Not to mention WHY would there be someones Mary Kay business card right outside the bathroom facilities at a gas station? Who would really be thinking of makeup while in a gas station restroom?

We were constantly amazed at the lack of acknowledgement there was for the speed limit. People were zooming past us like we were sitting still. As we were discussing this fact, a car zoomed by us and my sister Jeanette said, "Well look at that . . . there goes . . . Bill!" Speaking of her husband. Of course, Bill was not driving the car, but she teased that it was him because the driver drove a lot like her hubs. Of course, we all laughed over that one.

At the conference, the management changed over all but one of the men's bathrooms to accommodate the ladies. It was very strange to walk into a bathroom with only two stalls and about 20 porcelain wall potties. (Urinal just sounds so disgusting to me!) The ladies all got a laugh out of how strange it was and several said their families would not believe that they were in men's rooms. So, pictures were being taken of the ladies standing in the middle of the restroom with the "wall potties" behind them.

I have to tell you . . . Mom and Jeanette both called Kate and I losers and I guess it was rightfully so . . . the ladies room line was extremely long, so Kate and I went to the "men's room" as the line was much shorter. Each time, Mom and Jeanette were in and out of the ladies room, and it took Kate and I considerably longer. Jeanette had called me on my phone to let us know that they had gone down to the main floor. As Kate and I began our descent down the stairs, Mom and Jeanette flashed us the BIG L for loser. They were just SHOWING the love! lol

We all had a great time and it was a very special experience. I absolutely love being with my Mom and Sisters not to mention my daughter. We don't get together to go on adventures very often, but they are so special when we do.

My sister Janeie didn't get to go because she had three sick little girls. One is on the mend and the other two are still battling their illnesses . . . Please say a little pray for Jenna and Alyson. Jenna's ear is infected and actually swelled shut . . . Alyson had the flu and is still recovering.

Today I am home with two of my boys . . . one has diarrhea and the other a bad cough. Hopefully they will return to school tomorrow.


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Jeanette said...

Add 1 to that list! Abby is down for the count today too....fever, headache, congestion = no sleep :{

I had a GREAT time and CAN NOT WAIT to do it again!!


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