Friday, September 17, 2010


How in the world can my Ryan be 8 years old?

It seems like yesterday that we first saw you, all nakie in the hospital nursery. Your eyes were wide with wonder and you were the most beautiful baby boy! I couldn't wait to get my hands on you! You were so tiny and loved to snuggle. Daddy and Sis thought you were absolutely the most precious baby they had ever seen.

We sat with you for hours and hours. Holding you and talking to you. You were OUR miracle . . . OUR answer to prayer. God has a special plan for you and it began with a special woman . . .

RyRy, you know the story . . . we have told you the story of YOU time after time. Such an amazing story . . . Such a beginning!

Daddy, Katelyn and I had been praying for a baby for a long, long time. One day we received a call . . . there was a woman expecting a baby that she knew she could not take care of . . . she wanted more for him than she could possibly give. I answered the phone and was first to hear her voice . . . She told me all about her pregnancy and that you were constantly moving around. She could sit and watch you practice your "moves" through her tummy because you were so strong. You were due to be born in September of 2002.

We headed to the city in which you were getting ready to be born and we waited and waited. You went past your due date . . .

Finally the telephone call came . . . the doctors were going to induce the next morning. We were so excited that we could hardly wait. That next day was VERY long . . . we waited and waited!

The morning, afternoon and evening passed . . . and then you were here, all 7 lbs 10 ounces and 20" of you. We were even surprised to find that you had a little extra toe on your left foot. We took picture after picture of you and emailed pictures back home to the relatives. They couldn't wait to see you and we couldn't wait to get you home.

You were the sweetest little guy all bundled up!

I remember when you were five days old . . . Daddy was changing your diaper when all of a sudden you shot poody all over Daddy's hand and arm. Of course, Katelyn and I thought it was hysterical.

Katelyn watched over you very carefully. She loved to hold and feed you. She adored and loved you from the very minute she saw you.

When you were eleven months old, you had your little extra toe removed in an outpatient surgery and from that moment you decided to try to walk instead of crawl and you have never sat still since.

When you turned 1, you had a Bob the Builder Birthday Party and everyone came. Our little bundle of joy was a blessing to all!

It seems that age 2, 3, 4 and five all flew by too quickly! You always kept us on our toes . . . you have always "thought outside the box!" Your favorite movie was Nemo and then the Incredibles. In fact, you had an Incredible Birthday Party one year.

At 4 you began preschool and loved each and every minute of it.

Before we knew it you were in kindergarten! You have always been a smart little guy and you excelled in school . . . in grades and in acquiring the most worms on your apple!

It has always been exciting to watch you and see what choices you make. Age six is a distant memory and now as you have gone from seven years old to eight years old I cannot believe how you have changed!

You have always been very muscular AND now you are getting taller and taller. You have lost many of your baby teeth and now have many of your permanent teeth in.

Finally, you can wear regular pants instead of slims!

Your feet are long and you wear a size 3 tennis shoe.

Your legs are long and strong . . . you run very fast.

You are full of expression.

You love to snuggle with me and I LOVE IT!

There were days this past year when you "forgot" to wear undies, but you have since become very self conscious and much more modest.

You love Ben 10, Bakugon, Wrestling, Baseball, Nintendo Ds

You love to joke around!

I am amazed at your beautiful Big Blue Eyes!
They steal my heart away.

God truly gave us a most BEAUTIFUL Gift  . . .


I have been so BLESSED TO BE YOUR MOM!!!

Ryan, I LOVE YOU!!!



Natalie said...

So sweet...What a wonderful God we serve! What a testimony of Gods goodness!!

heartsfulloflove said... just goes too fast! I remember when you got home and the twins were only one toddling around looking at the babies.
Hope he had a wonderful birthday!

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