Friday, September 24, 2010


Tonight was the Carnival at school and it was jam packed with fun for the kids, plenty of treats, prizes and food.

I gave the boys six dollars in quarters each and we set out to play everything we could for six dollars. The boys were ready to go, go, go. So we started out at the dunk tank . . . EJ hit the target, but Pastor J didn't go down. So, since he was little, he was picked up and had a little help pushing the target so Pastor J went down. Cody didn't choose to throw the ball but wanted me to do it. I hit the target once, but it didn't send him into the water.

We moved on and played all of the games . . .  ping pong ball toss, lion toss, plinko, treasure hunt, shoot the target, darts, face painting, sponge toss and more. The boys had their favorites so we went back several times to those. The ping pong ball toss gained FOUR new buddies for George the fish. Excitement all around!

Katelyn was busy at her booth . . . she had a "What is in the box?" game at her booth and was selling Cake and Brownie Pops . . . they were a HUGE hit. I am curious how many will be left from the starting number of 200+.

Which brings me to  . . . a requested recipe.

The recipe for the cake and brownie pops. Leslie . . . this is for you (and whomever else wants it!)

Ingredients and Directions:

Box of cake OR brownie mix

One container of Frosting - I use Duncan Hines

1 - 2 bags Melting Chocolate - any color or combination of colors (we purchased this at Hobby Lobby)

1 bag of Lollipop Sticks

Various Tubes of Gel Icing in any color

Sprinkles in any color(s)

Directions for Making Yummy Cake/Brownie Pops:

Prepare the cake/brownie according to the directions on the package, and bake it in a 9 x 13-inch pan. Allow to cool completely. (The waiting is the hard part!)

Once the cake/brownie has cooled completely crumble well into a large bowl.

Add the tub of frosting. (You can also use 3/4 of the frosting if you prefer a more cake texture rather than a very moist gooey texture. We always go for the gooey!) Mix Well!

Refrigerate for about an hour.

Next, take the refrigerated mixture and roll into balls. I generally roll them into a heaping tablespoon size, but of course you can roll them in to whatever size you wish . . . it is all up to you.

Place the balls onto waxed or parchment paper.

Once the mixture is rolled into balls, put the balls back into the fridge (some people put them in the freezer so the balls will be more firm) for about an hour.

While waiting, start preparing your chocolate. I like to melt the chocolate in the microwave on low until melted.  Remember to stir often!

Once the cake/brownie balls are are firm, Dip a stick in the melted chocolate and then insert the stick into the top of the cake/brownie ball.

Dip the cake/brownie ball into the melted chocolate (or spoon over - whichever is easier for you) and make sure the chocolate goes around the stick.

Lay them back down onto waxed or parchment paper or use Styrofoam and push the stick into it if you don't want flat tops on your pops.

All that is left is to decorate them as you wish. The cake/brownie pops are great for theme parties . . .

Wrap them in cellophane or plastic wrap and use a little ribbon tied to the stick to hold the cellophane or plastic wrap.



Leslie said...

Thanks so much! Will be making these delicous treats-maybe tonight for church potluck! Loved them!!!

Mindy said...

Giving a bridal shower next month. I think these will be perfect party favors! Thanks!

Julie said...

Mindy . . . they would be WONDERFUL party favors! You could decorate them so cute!

Thanks for stopping in! Send pictures of the pops if you think of it!

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