Wednesday, September 22, 2010

For the Life of Me, I Will NEVER Understand . . .

For the life of me, I will never understand . . .
  1. Why turtles try to cross the road .  .  . going away from the water. I found a mud turtle in the middle of the road today and almost ran over it. I turned around and "rescued" the little dude. No, I didn't touch it, I wrapped it in a hand towel that I had in my car. Cody and I then took the little dude down to the lake and let him loose. Guess he thought the mud was better on the other side.
  2. Why do all of my children try to talk to me at the same time? I can multi task, but it is really hard to listen to FIVE voices at the same time.
  3. Why do husbands only work over when you have dinner all ready to go onto the table?
  4. Is it a child's duty to embarrass parents?
  5. Why is it children remind you of what you haven't done, but don't remember what they were supposed to do?
  6. Why will a child blame a teacher for spelling a word wrong on their spelling test? Yes, one of my sons told me that he would have spelled the word right, but his teacher taught him to spell it the way he wrote it. (I just shake my head.)
  7. Why do children tell you they do not have homework . . . until five minutes before bedtime?
  8. Why is it not everyone brings their laundry to the laundry room until you have the last load washing?
  9. Why do birds ALWAYS poop on a CLEAN car? Is there a bird law or something?
  10. Why is it no one stops by or calls until you decide that everyone will lay down and take a nap? or maybe watch a movie or simply have time to yourself?
  11. Why does no one need to use the bathroom unless you are in it?
  12. Why does everyone think they need to use the bathroom you are in  . . .  especially with there are a few others in the house.
  13. Why does there seem to be a "lone" piece of . . ., regardless of whatever it is, one piece is always left.
  14. Have you ever wondered about that one shoe that is laying on the highway? What is the deal?
  15. What about those green arrows that only last about five seconds? What good is five seconds?
  16. Why is there not a Chic-fil-a in my area? Believe me, I have looked.
  17. Why do storms hit when one of your favorite tv series begins its new season? Happened to us last night . . . missed out of NCIS Los Angeles. I was bummed!
  18. Why do some ovens bake hotter than others at the same temperature?
  19. Why do children always try your patience when you are busy?
  20. Why do things tend to break in threes?
Maybe someday I will understand the above, but right now . . .

For the Life of Me, I Will NEVER Understand!

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Jenny said...

I wonder all those things too and #3 especially.

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