Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday Quick Post

It is so hard to believe the kids are already on Day 4 of school. Everyone is doing great, so far. Three of the boys have homework every night and they are getting into the "groove" to make it a priority before doing anything else. The boys are tired every night and a bit slow to pull themselves out of bed in the morning. I have been choosing their clothing for them for school. During the summer they were allowed to choose ~ boy did we have some combinations! Whew!

I am going into the office three mornings a week and then working from home in the afternoons. It helps to be able to have two mornings at home without any of the kids . . . not only to be able to accomplish a few things, but also for sanity purposes. lol

This morning finds me on cup of coffee #2 while I blog and facebook. I have two loads of laundry washing and everything is quiet.

I have finished up a Shutterfly book . . . I absolutely love Shutterfly books ~ no scrapbooking, no photos laying around . . . easy layouts and great results!

Must get back to the laundry ~~~ the washers are finished . . . time for another two loads.

Have a Great Day!

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