Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This morning was a rough one . . . the kids were all climbing the walls. I wanted to take Katelyn to go look at pianos today, but the boys weren't exactly on their best behavior.  I called my Sis to see if she would keep two of the boys. Well, as it turned out, God knew it would be way to hard to take any of the boys. . .

My Sis was at our Aunt's house with Our Mom and three Aunt swimming. At first, I felt VERY guilty about asking them to watch two of the boys . . . after all, they were being a bit naughty. Well, Mom and Janeie told me they would watch the kids. The best part . . . they took all of the boys! So, I got ready, the boys put on their swim trunks, we packed up snacks, dry clothes and we headed out the door. They were so very excited!

Randy and I have wanted to purchase a Baby Grand piano since we purchased our home 12 years ago. We have the perfect room to put it in and have always envisioned it there. This past spring we decided that we would purchase one this summer. Well, we are almost to mid-August . . . today was the day.

Katelyn and I were on our way and enjoying each and every minute of our time together without interruptions. We talked, laughed and teased one another and at one point I asked her a question. I asked, "Katelyn, how do you feel about our relationship as Mom and Daughter?" She giggled  . . .  which she does quite regularly as I waited to hear what her answer would be.

"Hysterical" was the word she said to describe our relationship.

Hysterical . . . and do you know what? I am good with that because I know that she feels the same way as I do about our relationship. We have a very unique, loving, respectful and fun ~~~ you never know what the day is going to bring type of relationship. We can talk to one another about anything at anytime. I feel BLESSED beyond measure. I have told her many times as well as given her gifts that say exactly how I feel about my precious girl . . .

"You take my breath away!"

back to our piano adventure . . .

We arrived at the Piano Store within an hour and began looking through the many pianos . . . Steinway, Boston and Essex. We would love to have a Steinway, however at a price tag of OVER $70,000.00 we decided very quickly that a New Steinway was a bit out of the question. I am certainly glad that I am not prone to hyperventilating! Whew!!!

The Boston pianos were lovely but seemed to be more geared to school use and such.

The Essex . . . a beautiful piano that is a classic . . . designed by Steinway. This photo is from the Steinway internet site . . . I couldn't get a really good one in the store as the light was messing with my  telephone camera. Take a look:

We love the clean lines of the design.

We took our time and tested several pianos. Katelyn sat down and played a Steinway . . . she was in awe. The sound was absolutely amazing.

I spoke with the salesman and then called my hubs . . . then talked to the salesman . . . then called my hubs . . . talked to the salesman . . . then handed my phone off to the salesman to talk to my hubs himself. Once they were finished "talking" I talked to hubs again.

Hubs is my deal makin' man! lol

He already had a price in his head that he was willing to pay and we didn't stray too far from that. We had spoken about adding the "player piano gizmo" to the Baby Grand, but the additional $8,500.00 price tag changed our minds.

The salesman gave me time to confer with my hubs. I told him that if my husband and I didn't agree 100% with the purchase, we wouldn't be purchasing the piano. I also told him that he had one shot to give us the best deal he could when he spoke to my hubs. He understood.

Well, we discussed the "deal" that was quoted us as Katelyn sat on pins and needles. We discussed our options and decided that we would purchase the piano. Katelyn was elated!

A few photos from my telephone:

Katelyn made herself right at home in the showroom. She fell in love with this piano the minute she put her fingers to the keys.

The piano is to be delivered next week. Woo Hoo!

On our way home we decided to stop at Chik-fil-A . . . we had never eaten there and are dying to, so we thought we would take the opportunity. Katelyn got onto the internet on her telephone and looked up the address . . . we keyed it into the navigation system on my SUV and we were on our way. The only problem was that although the nav system told us we were "at your destination" we didn't see the Chik-fil-A anywhere. I pushed the little Onstar button to talk to an operator . . . surely we had the wrong directions or something. The Onstar lady was very pleasant and helped us immediately . . . She said, "You are right next to it." Well, I explained to her that I was in a large parking lot and there was a very large building in the center of the lot, but no Chik-fil-A. So, she directed me to follow her directions . . . so I did. Once I followed her directions she said, The Chik-fil-A is directly in front of you. I laughed . . . I was in the same spot as I was before. I said, "Mam, if I continue to drive ahead I am going to drive right through the building in front of me." She was shocked and didn't know what to say. Right then a woman was walking in the parking lot so I asked the Onstar lady to hold on for a second . . . I asked the lady walking if she knew where the Chik-fil-A was. It was inside the big huge building and was available for the employees of the building ONLY. I couldn't believe it! I relayed the information to the Onstar lady so she could make a note of it and thank both ladies before we said good bye.

Needless to say, Katelyn and I were bummed that once again we were not able to get a Chik-fil-A.

We got back onto the interstate and headed toward home.

We were passing a semi truck and as we passed Katelyn looked up at the driver . . . he honked his horn twice at her.

We decided to stop in at a Ruby Tuesday for dinner. We were seated and two waiters came to the table. Their eyes were fixed on Katelyn . . . they spoke to her about the yummy goodness of the menu and then asked: "Ladies, may we get you something from the bar?" He was still looking at Katelyn and smiling. I decided it was time for Mom to step in . . . I said, "SHE is ONLY 17." The smile left the waiter's face as he turned his head toward me. "I would have checked her identification before I served her . . . and I would have carded you too!" I smiled at the waiter and said, "Good save!" He then asked what we would like to have to drink . . . Raspberry Tea for both Thank You. I am quite certain the waiter was sweating a bit after that!

We ate a lovely dinner and had Raspberry Tea that came with a sprig of mint on top. We ordered Mini Turkey Burger and Mini Crab Cake Burger with salad bar. They also had cheese biscuits on the table. Dinner was amazing!

The remainder of the drive was uneventful. We gave my Mom a call and chatted with her . . . we laughed as we talked and had a great time. Once we arrived home, the thunder began rolling once again. We have had a nice little summer thunderstorm this evening.

The day has been lovely, but now it is time for bed. Good days definitely wear a body out. G'night all. God Bless!


Anonymous said...

Wow... what a lovely day!! I really enjoyed reading that. :) What a gorgeous piano!! I love pianos. Ours is an upright mahagony Cramer (made in London) from 1938. I know what Katelyn means, it just feels RIGHT when you play a certain piano!! That is soooo cool about your friendship with her. Mother & daughter relationships are so special. She sounds like such a sweetie!!
Funny yet bummer about the Chick-fil-A. Ack about the waiters hitting on her! :P
Love you!!!

Jeanette said...

Excited about the piano! Tell Kate she needs to turn off her charm when the parents are with her ;}

Mimi said...

Congratulations on your piano!

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