Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Today, my to do list was long . . .

seems like it NEVER ends . . .

Why is that?

Here is what I accomplished:

Laundry - 8 loads

Unloaded and Reloaded the dishwasher - the boys' job

Emptied the bathroom garbage cans - the boys' job

Wiped the counter tops in the kitchen

Washed my new "share ware"

Washed the table and chairs - the boys' job

Tidied the family room

Gave the dogs water - the boys' job

Fixed the remote

Cleaned 1/2 bathroom - still have one to go

Cleaned out candle - Scentsy - one of my boys (age 8 next month) continues to put playmobile figures in my candle wax. This time he also put a battery in too. Grrrrrrr

Organized the dog "files" (all dog pedigrees, vet info, etc.)

Cleaned up groceries bags under counter

Cody took the glass milk jug to the porch for the milk man

Scour kitchen sinks

Clean second 1/2 bath on the main floor

Organized large bottom desk drawer

Looked at school papers

Watched over the boys during homework

The boys are headed out to swim now . . . there is about an hour and a half before bath time. Maybe I will get a few pictures.

Time to relax!


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Cindy said...

Isn't life with boys just delightful? It seems I was/am always doing the 'boy's job'. They are just precious!! Encouragment for the future: My oldest is now 28, married with 2nd child due any day...guess what? All those chores he never did for me...well, he is an expert in taking care of all of them now and a true blessing to his wife and girlz:)

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