Sunday, August 8, 2010


We have a tradition in our home . . . just before school starts every year, we MUST watch this cute little commercial from Staples . . .

I can see it . . . you are smiling, aren't you?

I absolutely LOVE this commercial!

School begins a week from tomorrow and I am very excited!

It has been a VERY LONG summer!

 What will I do with myself?
I am certain I will be able to find something to occupy my time.

Hmmm . . . I could:

wrestle an alligator ~ after all, I have been wrestling the kids all summer

help a politician run for office ~ my children have given me enough practice with hearing lies.

I may just stand outside in the backyard and scream at the tops of my lungs . . . I wouldn't want the neighbors to miss the sounds of my boys playing loudly.

I could enlist as a General in the Armed Forces . . . I feel like I have been a Drill Sergeant all summer.

I could be a WWF Manager . . . my boys love to wrestle, pile atop one another and do the "jump" onto the other brothers.

Maybe I could get a job as a nurse . . . boys get a lot of boo boos during the summer.

I could be a librarian . . . I have sorted and reorganized our library books and dvds several times throughout the summer.

Maybe a job as a janitor . . . cleaning boy bathrooms . . . do they ever aim?

I could get a job as a Judge . . . argument settling has become a specialty of mine.


maybe I will just remain a Mom and happily drive my children to school, take care of my home and wait for them to get home from school to receive hugs, kisses and hear "Mommy, I missed you!"

Then I can sit back, hear the stories of their day and simply enjoy my children being home.

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Marva said...

Love this post! Love being a Mommy too, just as you sweet friend!

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