Saturday, August 28, 2010


Our day has been devoured by "THE HUNT".

What are we hunting?

Katelyn's Retainer Case (red) with Retainer inside.

Shouldn't be hard to find . . .



Were was it last?

When was it last seen?

On my desk, yesterday morning, before school.

Kate had eated breakfast and them come upstairs to talk to me a few minutes. Three little boys were at the kitchen table.

One is a prankster.

One is a clepto.

One is . . . well, he doesn't have a "thing" that I can think of.

So, yes . . .

we have narrowed the suspects down to TWO.

TWO little boys that BOTH deny touching it.

We have searched . . .

high and low

in the garbage

in the pantry, kitchen, bathrooms

drawers and cabinets

baskets, pottery

even the dishwashers

you name it . . . we have looked there

the retainer case and retainer are M.I.A.

If you were a retainer case with retainer inside,

where would you be hiding?


heartsfulloflove said...

Missing items at our house always magically are down in the couch or chair or underneath one of those. Really hoping you find it!! Maybe a hunt with a "prize", will bring it out of hiding =).

jennifer said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new look. Very pretty.

If I were a red retainer case (with a retainer inside) where would I be... hmmmm.... did you check in the couch cushions? We always find lost things in or under the couch.

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