Friday, August 27, 2010

How Did WE Get So Old?

These past few weeks have basically hit Randy and I right between the eyes and we were left with one question . . .

How Did WE Get SO OLD?

Wasn't it just last year that we began dating? In reality, nope - 29 years ago this past July.

Didn't we just get married? Nope - that would have been 28 years ago in October.

What happen to those childless years? At the time they seemed to drag . . . praying and hoping each month for a "plus" sign.

Then the children . . . they have all grown too fast! It is so hard to believe we have a senior in high school!!!

Time seems to have zipped by faster than the speed of light.

We entered the New Millennium with One child and now, ten years later we have FIVE. They were all so small and innocent . . . look at them now . . . almost 8, 7, 6 and 4. They were just babies yesterday . . . weren't they?

They are all in school now . . . a time I never thought would come.

All but one can read and write. They are all learning memory verses and reciting them very well.

I was thinking back the other day . . .

Wasn't it just a few weeks ago  . . .

We would go to Grandma's house on Sunday for fried chicken?

Mom and Dad were our age or just a tad under. Dad was working more than one job to get by and Mom was helping in the school cafeteria. Moms didn't work outside the home then.

Things seemed much more simple . . . then.

I remember Grandma getting older and Mom would help Grandma when she called. Grandma had 14 children . . . 7 girls and 7 boys. The girls were always there for Grandma . . . helping her with what she needed . . . they were only a phone call away. A few of my uncles were there too . . . helping as need be.

I always wondered what it was like . . . what was it like for your Mom and Dad to get on in years?

We were just kids then . . .  but now, we are approaching middle age.

It is now those thoughts I had wondered as a child are poking through the clouds. For now we ARE where our parents were and our parents have advanced to our grandparents position.

Our parents . . . the two people that were there when we needed a hug or a hand to guide us. They were there to teach us and love us unconditionally. People that God gave to us as Parents . . . Shoes that we can never fill, regardless of how hard we try.

These past two weeks have changed our lives forever. We have been moved into a new position . . . it is now time to give back the love, hugs and guidance. It is now we begin to care for them . . . our parents.

Which brings me back to my original question . . .

How did WE get SO OLD?

and even further . . .

How did THEY get SO OLD?

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heartsfulloflove said...

There's never enough time...learning to cherish what there is! You blink and life is running away.
Btw, grandma really appreciated the book!

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