Saturday, August 14, 2010

Good Night . . . Good Morning

It is late . . . maybe I mean early . . . VERY early Saturday morning as I write. I hear the sounds of distant thunder once again. The house is quiet as everyone is in dream land.

Cody woke this morning feeling better, but that was short lived. As the minutes ticked by he was feeling just plain yucky. He was quiet for most of the day. We pretty much let him tell us what he was ready for. He ran a lower fever today, but a fever none the less. This evening I offered him pancakes (home made blueberry ones) ~ he took one bite and didn't want any more. After bathtime, Cody came to me and asked for Pringles chips. I let him have them and he was happy. Prayerfully, he only had the 24 hour bug!

Tonight was open house at school . . . Katelyn went and got her schedule, picked out her locker and visited with friends. Shortly after she left, a storm blew in with high winds. The sky looked really bad for a while. Ryan was at Uncle Sam and Aunt Ding Ding's house for the night, but called home to see if Katelyn was safe. I thought that was really sweet for our almost 8 year old to be worried enough to call. I made sure Katelyn called him to let him know she was safe once she arrived home. It made both of us smile!

Our crazy Lhasa Apso keeps barking . . . .she doesn't like the lightening. She is going to wake the entire house if she doesn't quiet down.

From the looks of the radar, we may be in for quite a bit of rain tonight. Sounds like good sleeping conditions for us! I guess I should head to bed . . . I hope to sleep in!

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